Some several workers or employees work in a risky environment where electrical injuries and fire outbreak are not at all uncertain. These kinds of environments require FR or Flame- resistant clothing. The materials used in the clothing can help you save during these dark hours.

Be careful while you are choosing FR jeans as they cover the major part of the body. Mentioned below, are some of the beat Fr jeans available out there.

Wrangler FR relaxed fit jeans:

The FR jeans made by wrangler are quite popular within the flame-resistant market. The company not only makes their jeans comfortable to wear but also stylish and flame resistant. 

The relaxed fit jeans take care of the comfort and provide you with an extra room into the pant legs for easy movement. For more details, you can check FR Outlet.

The jeans are not at all stiff, come with five 13inch deep pockets, have self-extinguishing features and a wide range of designs. These jeans can resist arc flash or even thermal blast and can prove to be a lifesaver.

Ariat M4 boot cut FR jeans:

In the petrochemical sector, boot cut jeans by Ariat is very much popular. The jeans are having a boot cut design and made up of 100% cotton. This particular design allows you to wear safety toe work boots comfortably.

The jeans come with a low-rise waist and give you a comfortable and flexible experience. The inseam of the jeans protects you from chaffing. The jeans come with extra-deep pockets and anchored belt loops.

The material used in the item is HRC 2, and the jeans are both home and laundry washable.

Wrangler FR original fit jeans:

The fire-resistant jeans by Wrangler are hugely recognizable and are the most popular. The petrochemical and the electrical sectors often recommend wrangler jeans. They are comfortable, the cowboy cut fit makes it look stylish, and the item is safe to wear.

They come with a self-extinguishing feature that gives you arc protection. The extra room or the gusset offers you good agility and mobility.

The well-fitted jeans offer you multiple pockets and are pre-washed, which takes comfortability to the next level. HRC2 material and 100% FR cotton used in the jeans.

Relaxed-fit denim jeans by Lapco:

When you are working, comfortability must be your priority, and it is the first step of being successful at your work field, especially if you are a difficult worker and need a lot of physical activities.

Lapco brings FR jeans for this work type. Besides being comfortable, the jeans come with a boot cut, five deep pockets and relaxed fit for maintaining your mobility.

Double-needle stitching has been done in the jeans to make them liable. HRC 2 and 100% cotton material has been used while making the item.

FR pants by Rasco:

The blue denim pant from Rasco is almost like regular- working jeans, but they are made up of 100% cotton and special FR materials that can help a factory worker survive during a fire outbreak.

The excellent flame-resistant feature provides you with protection for HRC 2. It will protect you easily from thermal blasts or arc blasts. It is pre-washed, triple-stitched, and comes with cargo pockets of double tools.


Flame- resistant jeans are a must if you are working in a hazardous workplace. These jeans will cover your body from flames and will prevent your skin from getting burnt. But, do cross-check the item before making your final selection.

Go through the details of the product, quality and category type. Choose a reliable company for your pick up. Choose something protective than you already need for further safety.