As the days go by, the threat of the Corona Virus taking over our cities and consuming our lives continues to mount, and authorities are urging everyone to stay inside and only leave their homes for necessary runs to the grocery store or the doctor. Events have been canceled and our lives are on pause until further notice.

While I’ve continued to work, testing out beauty products and creating content for brands like Kreyol Essence, Lovely Bright Smile, and more…

… it seems our favorite celebs are oscillating between being scared out of their minds or just having fun!

Behold five + things some of our faves are doing in the latter category to pass the time.

  1. Playing Games. Or Running Into Them.

Cardi B recently posted a video of her running into a Jumbo Jenga board, while Claudia Schiffer played backgammon wearing Etro Spring 2020.

Whether you’re playing a board game or break dancing on one, both are fine options to keep spirits high.

2. Turning Up on Tik Tok

Tik Tok is an app full of fun dance challenges–fun for the whole fam as Ciara and her crew displayed. This app is perfect for large families, especially those with kids, who want to have fun. Nene Leakes and her family also did the “Baby Come Give Me Something” challenge.

Fun for babies to the mature, and everyone in between!

3. Producing Corona Virus Songs

Comedian Lala Milan Created a song called F*ck the Corona. We couldn’t agree more.

4. Doing Beauty Tutorials

Need to do a video conference with your coworkers? Make sure your face is beat in a flash with The Lip Bar’s Fast Face kit, as displayed by the company’s owner Melissa Butler. Get a full face in 7 minutes using 6 products. Bomb! Being quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t be cute for those video chats!

5. Working Out

Jeanie Mai is still hitting the gym–in her living room–maintaining her ab status with a waist trainer by What Waist.

Others have been cooking up a storm and eating through two weeks worth of snacks in one day (ahem, me. Reenactment below from @ThisIsJessicaRose).

As for me, as I mentioned, I work from home, so this time is just like normal, minus the social outings. I’ve been keeping busy by working out (jumping rope is a great at home work out), watching many fashion documentaries (this list needs to be updated), planning for the Fabys and our fall events line up, adding new items to and creating content!

I refuse to let this situation dampen my spirits–I am making the most of it as many of our celeb friends are displaying.

We encourage you to do the same and try to look at this as an extended staycation. Catch up on sleep, call your parents, try out those beauty products you’ve always wanted to try, or watch New Releases.

GOD willing, the world will get back to normal soon. And when it does, we will have an even greater appreciation for each other and for the beauty of LIFE. And if this doesn’t encourage you to tackle those big items on your bucket list with the realization that Life Is Not Promised, I don’t know what will.

Love & Light,

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*While the purpose of this website is to uplift and entertain, we do realize the financial strain this has caused many (it has adversely impacted us as well). For those who need groceries, we have partnered with bag brand Silver & Riley to give to those in need. Read more here.