Rap and high-end jewelry go together like Cardi B and Offset. For decades emcees have flaunted their status with the heaviest pendants, flossiest watches, and flooded stacks of bracelets. However, New York rapper Westside Gunn has upped the razzle dazzle with a crystal hat.

Photo: Kadeem Olijah

Artist and photographer Kadeem Olijah recently captured Westside Gunn in a stunning portrait. In the photo, we see the ‘Big Ass Bracelet’ rapper wearing a nylon Burberry jacket, Givenchy shades, tons of ice and the Louis Vuitton crystal cap.

Photo: Louis Vuitton

Outfitted with a yellow embroidered Malletier script, the LV Blue Man patch, and a plethora of crystals, this fanciful cap paired perfectly with Gunn’s flooded Cuban link chains.

What say you? Let us know how you feel about this flashy accessory.