It’s Halloween!  Just in case you are from another planet and unsure of what this holiday entails, let us help by referencing the most precise and humorous description of this fete.  “In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” – Cady, Mean Girls.  To add to that perfect summary, Halloween is also that time of the year where our readers get super creative with their costumes which in turn has us totally entertained.  Are you ready for what our readers have in store for Halloween 2017?  Let’s get into these costumes below.



Now here’s to thinking outside the box!  @asiadoll91, @liv3lov3lizz, @maroxby, @killin_beesjr, and @littlestsulmers nailed it as the East Compton Clovers from the movie Bring It On.

Gabrielle, @artiste_gabrielle, participated in Halloween as a Zombie French Maid.  Creative!

Karla, @theo_dores, and her husband were on point in their Frankenstein Monster and Bride of Frankenstein costumes.  Wow!

@d_almondjoy was inspired by Sza for Halloween.  This is a good one!

Fresh to death!  Terin, @divad1, totally showed us that being dead won’t keep her from being fly.  She participated in the Halloween festivities as a Glam Mummy.  Love it!

The Streeter Family has stolen my heart. Adria, @adriastreeter, and her clan channeled Grease Lighting for Halloween.  Adorable!

Power to the People!  Sasha, @jackgunz_, and her crew stayed woke for Halloween as Black Panther Activists.  I’m down!


As If!  Tajma and her friend mimicked Cher and Dionne from the classic 90’s movie, Clueless.  Totally rad!

Anything for Selenas!  Reader Jasmin Foote created her own Selena costume for Halloween, and I must say she did an excellent job!

Oh this one took me back!  Ellisha, @llishababe, literally morphed into Denise Huxtable for Halloween.  I had to do a double take with this one!

Nayhiba, @nayhiba, gave most Halloween costumers a run for their money in this Rhianna-inspired, Met Gala look.  This is definitely on another level!

Wouldn’t you agree that our readers rocked Halloween 2017?!  Which costume was your favorite?  Check out our gallery to view more!