We’re continuing our How Do You Wear It Series with Fall 2013’s Graphic Black and White prints. As seen in our Top 10 Fall 2013 Fashion Trends, graphic prints are as popular as ever. Be a master of the trend by mixing and matching contrasting patterns and adding eye catching accessories for a well put together look.
Take a look at how you Bombshells rocked it!
tiffany-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailytiffany2-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyTiffany of The Werk Place submitted two reasons why one should fall all the way in love with the trend. In both submissions, Tiffany managed to keep the looks equally streamlined yet playful with fun accessories. In. Love!mirroraddicts-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily@MirrorAddictsBoutique worked the print mixing like a boss, down to the pose.

trisha-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyTrisha opted to mix and match prints, but added a white blazer for a balanced look. So Chic!shante-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily@MsTae_Noelle accessorized her all print ensemble with a peplum belt and a red belt for a pop of color. Who needs 2 Chains when you could have 2 Belts. Super cute! Work!sashe-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailySashe wrote, “Love Fashion Bomb Daily!” We see you working that skirt and embellished belt. Love a waist that is all snatched!
rachelle-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyRachel opted for a sultry look as she worked a body con dress. Smize perfection, no? Tyra would be proud.mbali-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyMbali wrote, ” I wore this to a wedding recently,” and by the “Ooh chile!” all the way back lean, she too must have been feeling the love. Yes! She offers us some striped shirt realness, a white skirt, and a pair of black and white heels. Work!kosulu-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyKosolu enlivened basic tights from Forever 21 by adding a printed Anthropologie peplum top to the mix. A tux jacket from Zara and BCBGeneration pumps complete the look. jamal-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyJamal and  Demi both kept it cool, casual and chic. Can’t be mad at that!marche-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyMarche of the blog Robinson Style wrote, ” I wanted to submit the attached picture for the black and white prints. These are my favorite pants because of the bold graphic print and I love the sporty stripe that breaks the print up a bit!” I think she’s editorial ready!loren-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyLoren aka @StylishDemeanor of Stylish Demeanor kept it simple yet made a statement in her cap and red lips.etta-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyEtta rocked a feminine silhouette in the form of a black and white printed midi skirt mixed with a sleek black top. Sky high heels with a pop of color, and she is ready for her runway!
chimee-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily@MsChimee offered a maxi dress with pops of neon.
chelsey-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyChelsey aka @ChellyWellz of Chelly Wellz blog who provided a model pose, cascading auburn curls, statement jewelry, a red standout clutch, mixed patterns and a killer smile. What’s not to love?

So, in addition to the fabulous mixing of black and white prints, there was a handful of Bombshells who simply clung to a black and white color palette sans patterns mixing. The color combo will forever be a classic. Take a look at how they rocked black and white.

ebony-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyebony2-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyEbony (@AmourNoir) keeps it so super classic in terms of the silhouette — clean and streamlined. She infuses pops of playfulness through accessories. Be it layers of chains or a multitude of rings, Ms. Ebony speaks stylistically without even saying a word. sharon-black-and-white-graphic-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyLastly, we have Sharon who looks so poised as she pulls off an ensemble comprised of Adidas pants, red pumps and a graphic tee shirt. Casual Chic perfection!

Which looks are more your speed? It’s not too late to be included. We are still reviewing a slew of submissions.  Next week, we’ll cover Romantic Prints. So if you think you have what it takes, please email thebomblife@gmail.com.

What do you think of this week’s submissions?


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