This past weekend, celebrities and half the nation stampeded to Indio, California to celebrate all things artsy and groovy at the Coachella Festival.  This popular festival never disappoints when it comes to star sightings, great entertainment, and most importantly fashion.  One thing we love about Coachella is that it’s an eclectic fashion event where dressing like a hippie is in style.  You can catch anything from swimsuits to purple fur coats at this festival.  No matter how simple or extreme the look is, it fits right in.

Last week, we showed you how Rihanna stole the show at Coachella in her Gucci Diamond Encrusted leotard and how Kylie Jenner posed at the festival in a TLZ L’FEMME Snakeskin set.  Now it’s time to show you how our readers took on this fun event in style.  Check it out below.

Nadra @nadrabunny was festival-ready in this off-the-shoulder crop top, black, flared ankle pants, and yellow booties.  This look is a genius style move for an event like Coachella!

Monjay @fashionjunkiie4 looked cool and casual in this flower print kimono and circular sunnies. Groovy look Monjay!

Tannera @tgeorge26, styled by Adrienne @coldfashioned, took the ruffle route for the festival in a rust colored dress paired with black booties.  Cute Tannera!
Tan @_sunkissedtan was feeling the Coachella spirit in this print kimono, bikini top, and platform sneakers.  Dope!
Chanel @_chanelvintage was bomb and bold wearing bikini bottoms under a leather, caged skirt belt along with a Metallica crop top.  Get it girl!
Simple and sexy was Ana’s @anaponce5 style vibe for Coachella as she opted for a distressed tee by Latoya @Ltd_creations, black denim shorts on top of fishnets and Van sneakers.  I’m digging it Ana!
All of these ladies are Coachella-approved!  They definitely gave the celebrities a run for their money!  Which Coachella style above is your favorite and why?