After receiving over 50 entries, we finally have a winner for the Lulu’s + Vogue Covergirl Contest!

Quick fingered Fashion Bomber May


….answered within minutes of posting!

She said, “The cover girls are Beverly Johnson, Peggy Dillard, Sheila Johnson, Shari Belafonte, Kara Young, Karen Alexander, Naomi Campbell, Kiara Kabukuru, Oprah, Halle Berry, Liya Kebede, Jennifer Hudson, Michelle Obama, and Beyoncé


She has big plans for her $100 gift certificate, saying, “I plan on using it to purchase some of Lulu’s accessories like the Bandu Bangles in Black and Gold and Pegasus Ring in Gold. I’m not too sure yet about the rest, but considering the options, I will definitely be spending over the gift card amount, lol.”
Thank you to everyone who submitted answers and to for sponsoring our bomb contest. If you didn’t win, don’t despair! We have a brand new contest today!