New Year’s Day marked the official beginning of the “new twenties”. Every decade has an inherent and powerful need to define itself through fashion as it unfolds. However, there is no greater power than that of the woman who sets the tone in music through her garments and style, with a fashion anthem, accompanied by a visual concept bolstered by the amalgamation of the decades as well as their predecessors that came before.

Enter artist Leaf. Today, the Brooklyn rapper releases the visual installment to her latest single, titled “Fashion B*tch”, directed by Steven Gomillion.

Styled by celebrity stylist and designer, Mickey Freemanthe main inspiration behind the “Fashion B*tch” looks is a quick glance back at the 80s and 90s á la Grace Jones and Donatella Versace, reimagined with the  zeitgeist of Aaliyah’s “contemporary cool”. 

However, the trajectory of the looks is also a steadfast push toward the future with an art deco themed scene by multi-disciplinary artist Patrick Church as well as a “feminist statement” look from the Namilia F/W 2020 New York Fashion Week runway show.

Leaf exudes and embodies the woman that will make the twenties roar. Her unabashed confidence, progressive mindset, and proud connection to fashion and music are attributes that will shape and inspire every facet of her style. The characters that Leaf takes on in the music video for “Fashion B*tch” are all vastly different, but share the same fashion forwardness as all fashionistas do, which clearly manifests in each scene.

This woman means business, but is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, the world on her shoulders, and her swag on her exaggerated collar (opulently accessorized of course). The overall styling in this music video is a progressive nod to gender fluidity, celebrates the newly broadened spectrum of sexuality, and conveys the overall understanding of what it is to be a “Fashion B*tch”.

Watch below:

Team Credits
Director: Steven Gomillion (@Stevengomillion)
Wardrobe Stylist: Mickey Freeman (@MickeyBoooom)
Hair: May Sue (@maysueandco)
MUA: Estrellita Lever (@starryluuv)
Stylist Assistant: Gloria Johnson (@styledbyglo)