Bernie Sanders has officially become a meme due to his semi-casual look during Inauguration Day. We even had a reader asked about the details of his look: @eres1diva says, “Can we find out where these infamous mittens are from?”

Of course! Bernie Sanders’s mittens were made by Vermont teacher Jen Ellis who gifted Sanders these particular mittens over two years ago. Ellis was indeed surprised to see Sanders wearing them on the campaign trail! He completed the look with a Burton GORE-TEX Edgecomb Down 3-in-1 Jacket int the color falcon which is sold out.

It gets better, Bernie Sanders’s mittens are apart of the reworked fashion craze as they are made from knit sweaters and complete with fleece lining made from plastic bottles. Talk about sustainable fashion!

Since Bernie Sanders did in fact go viral, Jen Ellis sold out of all of her mittens. You can tune into her Twitter @vtawesomeness for more updates!

Photos: GQ / @upworthy