Every week we highlight our readers for their personal style. We call it Fashion Bombshell of Day! Now we want to hear from you. You get to vote for who will be our Fashion Bombshell of the week! Cool, right? Scroll down to check out our contenders for this week:

First up is Tiffany from Raleigh! “I live in the moment and try to be present in the moment. Im obsessed with the 20’s and 80’s era. Shoulder pads and sequins are my things,” Tiffany continued.

Next, we have Brianna from Jacksonville! Brianna’s style is edgy with a twist of finesse to create a dope fly look! Brianna writes on her Instgram , “I like to take ‘Ugly’ pieces and style them.”

Last but not least, we have Tranay from New York! Tranay wites, “I would describe my style as a little bit of everything. My style influences are Rihanna, Solange and Kourtney Kardashian which is why I can’t clearly define my style. It is fun, it is edgy, it is boho or minimal all depending on my mood at the time.”

What do you think? Each Bombshell has their own unique style and you get to choose! Scroll to the bottom and vote for your favorite Fashion Bombshell of the Week!