Each week we choose to highlight Fashion Bomb Daily Readers in a feature we call Fashion Bombshell of the Day and now we want to hear from you. Vote on who you think should be Fashion Bombshell of the Week, here are our contenders.

Lindsey from Michigan says, “I would describe my style as Creative and Imaginative, I hardly ever plan outfits or “ looks” they seem to just come to me from the clothes, to the accessories, shoes,  even hair (when I had some) I have to imagine myself in the clothes first and typically I’m mixing and matching pieces to create an outfit.”

Kara describes herself as “A lipstick enthusiast and lover of any fly shoe.” Her style is very street glam, with a mixture of soft colors/fabrics with hard lines and sneakers.”

Our 3rd contender is Anta from Illinois, She says, “I’m a graduate of Spelman college and have loved fashion my entire life — I blame my mother! I was in her womb during the majority of her retail tenure, including the time she helped to open the Bloomingdale’s flagship store in downtown Chicago in the 90s.

Last but not least we have Shenell, also from Illinois. She says, “I am Chicago native Shenell Crear, founder of curvy fashion blog, SoShenell. As a plus size woman who is consistently styling myself in this world of fashion, I want to exude authentic confidence. It is my heart’s desire for every plus woman to understand, you are not your size or your measurements. Your confidence is built from your experiences, pain, fears, accomplishments, and joys. When you are 100% tapped into the core of your being, it becomes more intentional how you dress it-your confidence, of course. “

I know it’s a difficult decision, but you can only choose one. Which Bombshell blew you away? Vote below.