Each week we chose three women to highlight in a feature we call Fashion Bombshell of the Week. This allows our readers to showcase their personal style and flair on our platform, but now we want to hear from you. Here’s your chance to select your favorite from the week.

Opening the week we had Erica from St. Louis. Erika writes, “I use my fashion to express myself, make a statement, and push boundaries. I describe my style as sporty, sensual, and wild. I want you to think differently about the possibilities of fashion after you see me.”

Our second Fashion Bombshell was Tiffany also from St. Louis. Tiffany was was nominated by her friend who writes, “Hi! First let me say, I love Fashionbombdaily!!! Claire is the truth! I would like to submit my Friend Tiffany Hill for the daily Fashionista!!  Tiff has a Luxe Glam style to be adored!!  She is self assured Boss Mom!! Beautiful and Humble! She’s is an entrepreneur, and hardworking Fashionista! She enjoys pretty shoes with fancy bows!! I just love her style and personality all the same! I want her to start her own fashion blog. Hopefully being featured will give her the boost she needs to Get’ er done!! Thanks a bunch!!

Closing the week is  Kaysha from New York. She writes, “My name is Kaysha. I am a Brooklyn, NY native & the best way to describe my style is versatile. I don’t follow trends, I wear whatever feels good. I love to thrift because vintage wear has so much detail & glamour.

Each Bombshell’s style is different but which one is your favorite? Vote below.