Each week we choos to highlight Fashion Bomb Daily readers in a feature we call Fashion Bombshell of the Day and now we want to hear from you. Vote in who you think should be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Month. Meet July’s contestants.

Sacha from Miami

Sacha’s has a fresh and unique style. Her wardrobe consist of playful tribal patterns and textures. Sacha serves looks for every occasion from out door activities to dinner dates.

Kara Chin

Her style is impeccable. Non traditional cuts on blazers and tops provide an edge while still remaining a bit formal. Her looks are clean, regal, and rich! 

Sara Kayy

Sara’s style is sexy and sophisticated. The combination of good tailoring and fabric choices keeps this Bombshell looking like a million bucks.

Marii from Spain

With a vibrant color pallet combined with classic silhouettes this Bombshell’s style is head turning.

I know this is a difficult decision, but who’s closet would you like to raid? Vote for your favorite below, winner goes on for a chance to be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Year.