Hey Bombshells, as you know we love highlighting Fashion Bomb Daily readers in a feature we call Fashion Bombshell of the Day, each week these beauties are narrowed down and it’s that time again! Choose who you think should be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Month for April of 2021, here are the contenders:

Caitlyn from Georgia

Caitlyn’s style seems very effortless yet intentional. Neutral and earth tones along with classic prints and subtle accessories sets the tone for her romantic chic style.

Tanaisha from New York

Tanaisha’s description of her style is spot on. Sexy, Spicy and Sweet! This mother of 3 says, “Life can get hectic at times, but I always make time to stay cute! I love everything fashion.” She refers to her photos as “fashion expressions.”

Dana from Los Angeles

She describes her style as, “Second Hand Street with a touch of vintage glam.” Thrifting and sustainability has become more of a focal point in the Fashion industry, and our Bombshell’s show that style can’t be bought.

Christian from New York

Her style is very eclectic with touches of vintage and modern looking pieces. Christian describes her style as, ” Minimal with a touch of street style and glam.”

Vote for who you think should be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Month, winner goes on for a chance to become Fashion Bombshell of the Year presented @theFabysAwards.