Chelsea is a fashion influencer from New York. She writes, “I would describe my style as ‘Everyday Chic’. Living in New York plans change everyday. You could be going to work thinking you are going to be meeting up with your friends at a local hotel bar for a drink and some appetizers and end up going to some ‘exclusive’ celebrity filled debut or release party. So when I get dress, I’m literally planning for anything. 

Margo from Texas writes, “Fashion Dollface represents for the everyday girl. My style is a combination of street apparel and heals, Long shirts and high boots. Apparel that’s affordable but still cute for the everyday girl.” 

Diandra describes her style as “street, contemporary, avant garde & whimsical” She is the owner of Diamant Noir Boutique. You can view more photos of her on her personal Instagram account @hautegaldeedee

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