By Latasha Henderson-Robinson

“My name is Tasha, also known as Designer Tasha and I am Project Runway Alumni (Season 15), VonRay Designs, Stylist & Philanthropist.”

“My heart is broken and spirit weighs heavy from the waves of brutality and violence we are experiencing as a people—from the Americas to Africa.”

“Images of racism, systemic violence, rape and rape culture have flooded our periphery. I have been posting, doing live videos and attending protests. My feet have hit the pavement. And yet, I find myself desiring to contribute within the creative sphere, too. Art is a valid and powerful form of protest! I feel my voice could have even greater outreach as I channel these thoughts and emotions into creative expression. “

“This project, or should I say “creative protest,” is a reflection of the “voice of the children.”’

” I believe change begins within the home—we must pull up the weeds and nurture the roots. We must teach our children, raise them upright and protect them with comprehensive education on racism and rape culture. “

“No one is born a racist or a rapist. This is learned behavior, often from what children see at home or in their immediate surroundings. “

“So, I was inspired to create this “Black Poetry Collection” for adults and kids. Because my directive is focused on the children, I am releasing the kids’ collection first. I wrote a poem, fragments of which will be stitched or printed on apparel to be worn in this collection. “

“About ten years ago, God gave me a vision of African-American men of all ages on the front line being murdered senselessly. This project has been growing in my imagination ever since.”

“We only had one hour to shoot this collection. I made ten looks in twenty-four hours (we managed to shoot eight of them.) We only had two days to prep and discuss the creative concepts, and even directed the shoot via a FaceTime call. “

“The models were just being their God-given talented selves. This is our “creative contribution & protest.” This collection is about LOVE & UNITY. This collection is about going against the grain by showing the world our inner thoughts and feelings. “

We rePRESENT Love.

We Shall Overcome.

We are Kings & Queens.

We demand JUSTICE.

We come in PEACE.

We are not THREATS.

*The collective was shot in Shreveport, LA.
Models:Haile Alex (6 Years old) @hailes_heart
Brilynne Patton aka Leni Elizabeth(12 years old) @brilynne.p
Photographer:Brittany Strickland (@thebrittelizabeth)
Designer & Stylist:Designer Tasha (@von_of_vonray)
Creative Concept:Designer Tasha
Art Director:Dennis Robinson II (@d2artz)
MUA:Charleste Cotton (@cha_mochalatte)
Hairstylist:Roberta Alex-Hayes (@smoothstepper64)
Photographer Assistant: Kelly Gros
Set Assistant: Brittany Hayes
Female Police Officers: Ashli C. PerryDomonique Dinkins
Editor: Brooklyn White

Instagram: @von_of_vonray & @vonraydesigns; Twitter: @vonrayboutique

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