Back by popular demand is a lil’ bit of “Vintage Style” by Intern Contestant-turned-Contributor, Ashley. Check it out!
Very few women can manage to be as poised *and* sizzling hot as Lena Horne was in her day. With a penchant for coyly demure necklines and super-sexy silhouettes, this timeless siren was known as much for her beauty as for her professionalism, class, and talent. While the Brooklyn native certainly made history as the first African-American singer to sign with MGM, it was also her style that made me sit up and take notice.

Ms. Horne stuck with no fuss, streamlined pieces that complimented her oh-so-enviable curves. One thing I love about the days of Old Hollywood is the glamour that permeated just about every aspect of their lives, whether you went out dancing at the Cotton Club or hit up a boxing match. Even if we don’t have her diamond-cutting cheekbones or statuesque figure, we can still strive for some of the poise and grace Lena herself embodied.
Borrow a little bit of Lena Horne’s subdued sensuality with dresses that feature daring little necklines and figure skimming silhouettes!

1. Abaete Carolyn Dress, $425 2. Hervé Léger Paiellette Covered Bandage Dress, $2,070 3. Badgley Mischka Pleated Dress, $695 4. A.B.S. Sateen V-Neck Gown, $204 5. Satin Pleated Sweetheart Dress, $30 6. Vera Wang Chocolate Ruched Taffeta One Shoulder Dress, $768
Who knew such subtlety could be so sexy?

Snaps for Ms. Ashley! I’m so glad her Vintage Style will now be a recurring feature on the FB, aren’t you?

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  1. i simply adore vintage fashions, i am so addicted to them…thanx so much for bringing this segment back….vintage clothing is so timeless and perfect…..

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