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So I was super excited to ask my mom to participate in Vintage Fab because I knew she was a fashion diva back in the day (and still is!). She learned to sew from my grandfather who owned his own menswear shop in the Bahamas for 50 years, then went on to graduate from New York City’s High School for Fashion Industries. She made cute dresses, plaid suits, and tops for me when I was a teen, and has always had her own subtle take on style! So of course when I asked her to participate in Vintage Fab, she delivered. Check her out:

The Fashion Bomb Vintage Fab

Wearing a flowy yellow dress for a summer day in Brooklyn

The Fashion Bomb Vintage Fab

Rocking a Pucci cutout bathing suit and jeans for a cookout in 1976. That’s my grandmother and my aunt sitting down next to her.


Drinks with friends in a silk floral halter top


At a dance in 1976 with my aunts Andrea (middle) and Maxine (right).

Woot for Mamma Fashion Bomb! Of course I’m biased, but isn’t she lovely? Ah, if only I had a smidgen of her fabness!

If you guys have anyone in your life who would qualify for Vintage Fab, get to scanning. We can’t wait to see! Send your pix to th************@gm***.com.


14 thoughts on “Vintage Fab : Claire’s Mom”

  1. Hot Mama no doubt! My granny is Bajan and possibly the most chic woman I know, there’s something about Caribbean women and the way they carry and express themselves.

  2. Aw you’re mom is so cute! Strong jeans on your maternal side!

    I tried to teach my mom how to use the scanner this wkd over the phone and was unsuccessful :(

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