It’s been quite a while since we’ve had some Vintage Fab! Today we’re taking it to the 90’s with this snapshot of reader Christina’s sister’s high school friends:

Vintage Fashion

She says, “I found this picture of my older sister and some of her high school friends in the 90’s and I thought it would be great for vintage fab! That’s my sister with the short cut and the vest in the middle. I think the floral print home girl is rocking on the right is great. And I might actually wear those glasses the guy’s wearing in the lower left LOL…they’re on point!”

So much fun! I’m loving the GQ poses in the front row more than anything else!

What do you guys think of this Vintage Fab?

4 thoughts on “Vintage Fab : 90’s High School Style”

  1. Seriously!? I see a Dooney and Burke and a Coach bag in there.. Does the older sister know this pic was posted on the internet?! I’m trying to hide all my pics that look like this!! I’m not ready!! hahaha! *sigh* memories…

  2. Ahh, the good times!!! Makes me want to break out my boyz II men cooleyhighharmony cd. *tear rolls down cheek*

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