Finally got a chance to peep the video for this hot new single by Cassie:

Cassie Must be Love Screenshot

I’m actually happy that Cassie is back on the scene.
Crossing my fingers she can knock it out the park with a live performance to secure her comeback!

6 thoughts on “Video: Must be Love by Cassie Featuring Diddy”

  1. CASSIE CANT SING….why doesnt anyone have the guts to say this. The only reason why she is signed to Bad Boy is because she is a pretty face and she is (cough) Diddy….Lets be real girls like that should be seen and not heard. Go back to modeling and looking pretty, thats the only thing she can really do, her record sales can attest to that.

    1)Bad Boy is the Bermuda Triangle of Hip Hop
    2)Cassie shaved her head because she needs some attention
    3)Can we please start giving credit where credit is due, I wouldnt waste 2 cents on this chick


  2. I think that Cassie is an OK singer…but really.
    Can Britney Spears really sing? If Britney were on 106 and Park could she hold a tune?
    I know this might be unpopular, but I think she deserves a second shot. Anyone else listen to her first album? It was good!
    I wish she could dance better, but we can’t be perfect. I think she makes some really catchy songs (including this one) and I’m ready for her to redeem herself.
    Though I must say the cooch and boob shots and shaved head just seem desperate. That’s what I really don’t like.

  3. I agree that Cassie can’t sing (and the hair – seriously? I believe it with Kelis, but definitely not her). But comparing her to Britney Spears is uneven, even though they both lack in the vocal skills department. Aside from her “crazy years,” Britney is an amazing performer. Cassie doesn’t have that. With that said, her last album wasn’t that bad. I have quite a few songs from it that I like to sing along to.

    As far as this song goes, I might’ve liked it more if I hadn’t heard the DAY26 version first. The video? Eh, I couldn’t make it all the way through. What I saw looked like no real effort was put into it.

  4. Ally I wanna thank you for 2 reasons:

    1. Your righ about Cassie and her “singing”!
    2. For making me laugh…truth be told Bad Boy is not the label to go to if you’re looking for longevity in the music business but callin it the Bermuda Triangle…so true! LMAO

  5. I have to agree I couldnt’ get through the whole video! Number one: WHY does Puffy always have to rap on someone’s album. Trust: We all already know who the Bad Boy artists are, you really don’t have to do a bad rap in the beginning/end/middle to lay your stamp. Next, this is the first time that I’m seeing Cassie in person with the shaved head…it looks even more wrong than in a still shot! It’s ridiculous! She can’t pull it off at all. I’m just SMH alll day to this Cassie (C:

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