As the wedding season approaches, this song is a sweet tribute:

Jodeci Love U 4 Life Screenshot

I was *such* a Jodeci stan back in the day…I have the cassette tapes to prove it!


4 thoughts on “Video: Love U 4 Life by Jodeci”

  1. hahaha i feel u I also used to tape the videos as JODECI, SWV, JADE,… but yeah this song is a classic !! Also love T-boz in this videoo

  2. It’s Day 26!
    Puffy helped with Jodeci (styling anyway) and then there was 112 and now there is Day 26.
    And then who knows.
    I think all the Jodeci guys are cracked out, unfortunately

  3. Used to love Jodeci’s music..we need this type of music again. Joedci and Boyz II Men. No real guy groups making songs like this anymore.

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