In light of our spirited discussion today, I decided to rock with this video of India Arie performing the song “I am Not my Hair”.

I am not my Hair India Arie

Never really paid attention the the lyrics, but check the first verse and chorus:
“Little girl with the press and curl/ Age eight I got a Jheri curl /Thirteen I got a relaxer/ I was a source of so much laughter/ At fifteen when it all broke off/ Eighteen and went all natural/ February two thousand and two/ I went and did/ What I had to do/ Because it was time to change my life/ To become the women that I am inside/ Ninety-seven dreadlock all gone/ I looked in the mirror/ For the first time and saw that HEY…./ [Chorus] I am not my hair/ I am not this skin/ I am not your expectations no no/ I am not my hair/ I am not this skin/ I am a soul that lives within”