Since Diddy’s Dirty Money group looks so dern fly, I was more than excited to see this Official Music Video for their single Angels:

DIrty Money Video

Hmm, I was expecting some singing…or at least to hear the new girl, Kaleena, blow.
Ah well.
What do you guys think of the song?

5 thoughts on “Video : Dirty Money “Angels” Official Music Video”

  1. The black and white aesthetic is hot…but I think Diddy is just using the girls and the Biggie hook for his own image, which I think is very sad…you’re right Mishoun, it is definitely the “Puff Show”. Very pathetic.

  2. Is this a joke? The female model was seen more than the female group members. Ugh Diddy! The beat is definitely dope.

  3. I agree with MB. Also throw in the fact that Puff had to use one of Jay-Z songs as well. That Cassie lookalike was too much.

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