The Fly Guys always have the best videos, and I recently peeped this ‘Cymphonique’ banger by Master P’s daughter Little Miss Swagger:


She’s definitely cute, but part of me is like…aren’t you a little young to be moving your hips like that?!? My friend was just watching it and said, “Her parents need to be locked up!” LOL

What do you think?

59 thoughts on “Video: Lil Miss Swagger by Cymphonique”

  1. ummm, yeah, she needs some longer shorts/leggings under that tulle skirt. How old is this child? I’d like to tell my mother at that age that I’m “Lil miss swagger” ha! that would have been rich. She is cute though…is that another one of Master P’s children in the vid too?

  2. She’s how old? 9? And she’s saying she’s independent and a boss chick? A BOSS CHICK?! This is too funny. I want to like her because she has a personality to make her video interesting, but her lyrics and clothing are questionable. She has STAR written all over but she needs more people. And she needs to act/dress/dance her age. Master P come get your child!

  3. I think the video is cute. The lyrics are a lil’ questionable though. She’s definitely not independent or a boss chick.

  4. The video is cute. I’m hoping that she’s a pre-teen maybe 13 or so. She maybe the “Boss” of the playground, thats cool. I’m not sure why they styled her like that. A top w/ a slit on the back showering her training bra, a loose thin sliver belt just sitting there, and a tulle skirt without leggins! All I can say is they need to go better than this if they want to compete.

  5. Her name is Cymphonique and the song is Lil Miss Swagger. You reversed the name of the song and artist lol

  6. For some reason this reminds me of a jc penney’s back to school commercial! lol but yeah…those lil bitty shorts…i am tired of us seeling sex even to our children…really tho???

  7. CYMPHONIQUE she is good dont be talkin about her like that you want someone to that to u i dont think so stop picking on kids and this a 11 year old dueces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!under stand me get what im saying.? ooookkk ms lady

  8. Leave her alone. Shes not tryna sell sex or anything. Shes just a teen w. some really good moves. And her outfits are cute, & yu gotta remember its a video. She prob doesnt wear that stuff in real life. So hop off !

  9. she is my age 13 and she is cutee leave her alone she know better than to wear it outside like that..

  10. she is off the chain and even tho she is about mii age she is my role model…so back off…besides her outfits are SUPER FLY…they are so cute!!!♥♥♥ {no-homo}

  11. well she iz a good artist.. but her clothes r a lil short …but usually celebrity parents mite think it’s cute 4 there kids .. but i think she should just dress her age and set a good example 4 the younger kids that look at her ,and think of her as a role model…

  12. what’s with people they all up on cymphoniqe . Yo people out there that is saying stuff about her ya’ll people’s need to chill don’t take it the bad way


  14. she is a grl of couse she wants to look cute i dont think its to grown she wearing a skirt and a jackt and a top i love her clothes and its not even revealing yall just hating cause yall want her clothes too i have that exact same one its not short is a boss chick and you wanna be one peace

  15. Man yall jst need to leave that girl alone..yall jst haiting..finally something is good on tv that people can watch..shesenot like them other celeberties on tv…like miley/hannah… “cymphoniuqe dont listen to them haters out there..just keep on watchu doing cuzz u doing a alsome job.

  16. me and my twin sister listen to lil miss swagger everyday! we love that song..and i really like buuterflies! i love your outfits!! i hope your album well come should have one that contest!!

  17. pple get mad at me and my sister becuzz we always listining to you and my dad says man yall obsessed wit that girl! he says we need to join a cymphoniuqe club lol! we LOVE YOU~!!!!

  18. she is cut in all dat (no homo)but she b wearin them big ass earrings and not dress her age!=[

  19. yeah she be waering big earings but oh well yall pple just need to stop hateing becuzz she got swagg nd yall dont..

  20. you guys need to stop hatin off of her cause yall know yall want to be in her postion and her lyrics arent demeaning they fun and full of life. STOP HATINNNNN YOU HATER. YALL NEED TO DRINK SOME HATERADE. YA FEEL ME!????!

  21. People, the skirt isn’t even that short. This picture must be making it seem like something it’s not. & she is not dancing innapropriately in the video. Also, this was in the beginning of her video on youtube..
    “Lil Miss Swaggar Description: To have SWAGGAR is to have POSITIVE self-confidence, believing that you can be SUCESSFUL at being yourself, being without fear to do what’s right, not just being a follower but a LEADER and (being a BOSS) taking charge in making the right decisions regardless of any nevgative influences, people or enviornment.”
    Stop trying to bring down those that actually have a positive influence on youth.

  22. SHES iS tHE bESt, i LOVEE HER SONqq’Z. SHE qOtS SWAqq, SHE’S REAllY PREttYY, i WANNA bE likEE HERR!!(:


  23. yall need to leave her alone at least shes not like them girls that i kno for a fact yall see everyday ….you kno the ones that are dressed like grown wemon…. get off her back ….and look at hannah montanna, i kno yall look at the news wen she took those innapropriate pics… master p i personall think u raised this smart,wonderful,and beautiful (no homo) young lady and yall haters need to stop hatin,and just because she has her own personal swaggar doesnt mean yall have to try to ruin it

  24. girl dont change who u are for these haters keep doin your thing with your special swaggar

  25. well i love the song and all them other people that be saying quit hating i really dont gotta hate on her yall right it aint nothing wrong with that the fit is cute but i know its just the camera duhhh!my dads a photographer and it just the camera that made it look short so there you have it :D get over it she got swagg in her own personal way so quit getting mad cause you wanna be her :D yall can get mad when yall pick out her clothes >:T

  26. people she almost FOURTEEN not NINE so leave her alone she is an independent young girl who is all about girl empowerment she tryin to tell young girls that u dont need a guy to feel good.

  27. cleavland cutie and suzie g yall need to stop hatin but not just you to she was 12 in dat video and she is 14 now still awesome she prob didnt kno her training bra was sho in but some ppl could have thought it was part of the outfit she doesnt wear stuff like that outside trust me i kno!

  28. Yall Need To Stop Hating On Me I Aint Done Nothin I Like My Clothes And My Parents Dont Need To Be Locked Up Ok! You All Have Your Opinions So If They Aint Nice Keep Them Too Your Self!

  29. watzhannen yall itz derstinie aye i heard yall b hatin on mii role model n play big sis so knock it da fuck off it aint nu10 wrong witt da way she dress acturally i love da way she dress n mii parents sed i can be just like her i can dress n act n do everything just like her so stop fuckin hatin god damn ohh n gurl yuh rock

  30. dang yall its not the skirt its her hieght. she dont do nothin rong. yal need 2 stop. if u dont like it u is a hata. stop drinkin dat haterade. she is always rockin it. leave her alone while her name is still clean.

  31. y da fuc is it yo frends bizz wat she do wit her body. it’s not his/her kid so and her swagga is probley betta den all yalls so stop hatein. and cutie nikki u so dam rit

  32. cymphonique is amazingg & too* cutee ! i don’t see whyy ya’ll are sayingg thaat her clothes are too grown for her , shooot if i was her i’d wear stuff like that too . (: lett her wear what she wanna wear , it’s not youu so don’t worry ab herr . :D

  33. hmmm , i gotta give it to herr . she got swagg like her song says . & no need to hate on her just bc some of ya’ll that’s hatinn , is sittinn on the couchh eating potatoe chips & soda while she gettinn moneyy . no need to hate just appreciate what she doinng . (:

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