I’m probably dating myself (again), but I was playing this song this morning and had flashbacks to my youth:

Jodeci Screen Shot Come and Talk to Me

Confession: I was obsessed with Jodeci back in the day. I still have their cassette tapes and singles. Yes, tapes.

If you, too, can remember buying cassette singles and Jodeci, enjoy;)

4 thoughts on “Video : Come and Talk to Me by Jodeci”

  1. Definitely the best R&b group of the 90’s. Not the best looking by today’s standards, but they could really sing. You don’t really get much of that today.

  2. I was like 4 when Jodeci was out, and I was & still am obsessed, so you’re not dating yourself at all. I’ve been on a Jodeci binge for like a week.

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