Jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in the world right now. As a lady, there are numerous ways to style the jeans to fit any occasion or look books. Here are some of the versatile ways to style your jeans.

Skinny Jeans

These are a staple and a fashion statement that works in many ways. You can pair it up with a white t-shirt, high heels and a blazer for a professional look. If you are not comfortable in heels, swipe them out for a pair of comfortable sneakers or converse rubber shoes for a 21st millennial start up vibe look. You can wear this outfit anywhere official e.g., to an office or to college. Accessorize this look with a metallic watch or bangle on the hand and either studs or small earrings. For the official look, wear monochromatic pieces like white, blue, black and grey. It makes it look smoother and more professional.

For a more casual look, skinny jeans pair up perfectly with a crop top. The jeans hug the figure perfectly and the crop top accentuates everything more. Depending on your style, you can go for a tight-fitting or a loose crop top. Pair the look with a pair of clean sneakers or some open flats. You can also wear it with a hater or vest stop for a more flowing look. For this look, get a pair of boots and roll with it. Add a chunky sweater or a sassy leather jacket for a complete look.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans were popular in the 90s and made a full comeback three years ago thanks to their great fashion presence. These womens jeans are great because you can wear them anywhere. Because of their design that bulges a little but pinches up at the waist, you need to tuck in your top. The highlight is in the waist, so you need to wear something that can be tucked in for the perfect look. The jeans can be paired up with a great bulky sweater and rubber shoes for a chic, urban look and some bangles. You can also wear them with a baggy t-shirt and open shoes for a casual weekend look. Ensure you pick a fancy or an elegant belt to accentuate the waist.

Ripped And Acid Washed Jeans

‘Destroyed’ jeans are a trend that has been timeless. You can wear ripped jeans or acid-washed jeans can be paired up with a nice pair of boots and a monochromatic top so that the focus can be on the jeans. You can go with a white tee for the classic look. Wear a leather jacket for the cool chic vibe. Ripped jeans work perfectly for casual vibes such as a brunch with the girls, a nice trip or a girl’s night out. If you cuff them at the ankle, you can bring out the cool millennium chic. Cuffing them brings some attention to your feet and the trendy boots you have on.

Having a pair of jeans in your closet can save you a lot of style stress. Pair them up differently to achieve a variety of looks that could last you days.