By: Jennet Jusu (@TheJusuQuench) | FashionBombDaily Intern

“How in the hell can I get a cheetah, in time by Dec. 1st?”

Yup, you start thinking bazaar. Harper’s Bazaar that is. Thoughts dating back to Circa 2009, with Supermodel supreme Naomi Campbell in mind, assimilating with the animals in Africa for it’s September Issue entitled “Wild Things”. Captured by Jean-Paul Goude racing with a cheetah in the wild in Blumarine, or ever so flawlessly, in Alexander McQueen couture sitting atop an elephant, you stare panicky at all your attire in search for answers on just how? You of course have to keep in mind the possibility of angering the protesting mob

Via: Lil’ Kim’s Hard Core album, 96’ | Styled by Misa Hylton

that’s PETA, or disappointing the fashion gods who never played it safe; ways paved in chic stilettos and loafers so effortlessly. How exactly can such a look be pulled off without looking like a zoo zazzy fool, all the while still pushing the matching the magnitude of such an iconic slay?  Well being put to the test will occur this Saturday by Editor-In-Chief of FashionBombDaily magazine, Claire Sulmers. Who has since made a stampede of a digital uproar with an announcement that ‘Convos with Claire’ will be occurring on the 1st of December in NYC! And many of the fashionistas alike can honestly say they’d be investing in a dream, and an iconic moment in time when you’re in a room full of greats and the up and coming. Like the woman who has aided in Hip-Hop’s ghetto glamour of a trajectory, Ms. Misa Hylton, also the mastermind behind majority of Lil’ Kim’s raw 90’s ghetto glamour. As well as luxury brand designer, Duckie Confetti, and pop culture aficionado Bevy Smith. So what do you do when you’re preparing to head to the concrete jungle, for a fierce, fashionable, and informative night? You go crazy…go wild…go in. After all you will be living one of your wildest dreams.