When it comes to accessories, rings hold a special place in telling the stories of your hands. You can wear accessories like silver bands and spinner rings and easily uplift yourself from the crowd. But, the first thing that reflects your style is the way you accessorize the jewellery. 

No doubt you can experiment with your rings, still, there are basic jewellery etiquettes that you can’t compromise and run over. There can be various reasons behind why there is a certain style and the specific reason behind the ring. 

You could deliver your best, but if done in the wrong way, you could be labelled a fashion disaster. Don’t worry we are here to provide you with some easy and useful tips to accessorise your rings. Keep reading to know more.

Different Ways to Wear Rings

The rings are one of the constant accessories that are going to stay no matter what the outfit is. You may wear a necklace, bracelets which cover a huge space and at one time you may wish to remove them. But, there are some rings like the spinner rings that can go beyond every outfit. We have compiled different ways below to accessorise your rings in the most perfect manner.

Wear on the Right Finger

Like your dress for every occasion, the same should be the case with rings. Your rings must match the occasion. For instance, you can choose a subtle ring for the office and a loud and heavy ring for any party or get-together.

There are different rings for different sizes which you can wear alone. If you can’t buy an expensive ring,you may wear spinner rings suiting your taste. . 

Balance your Rings with Other Accessories

Ensure that your favourite rings align with the other accessories. They should not go off track. If you are wearing heavy jewellery then take notes previously and choose the best size according to your overall getup.

You must also consider the size of your hand before taking any step further. Wear the most suitable size for your fingers.

Plan According to Your Outfit, Metal, and Skin Tone

You can try contrasting your jewellery with your outfit. It’s not necessary to match everything blindly. Hence, the same applies to metals. Even the cheapest of metals if designed and worn properly will give you the best outcome. 

Your accessories like the spinner rings are the highlights of your personality. Avoid looking confused or bizarre. You can try different necklaces, jewellery, and bracelets but they must compliment you in every possible way. 

Carry it with Confidence

No matter what you wear or plan to wear, it should never compromise or question your comfort be it dress, jewellery or accessories. Since you are sticking to metal and different material for your body and skin, it should befriend them. You can try silver, gold and what not. But remember, experiment first and trust later. Your rings must be in proportion to your hands.

Never Compromise with Your Comfort

Get away from the tight or the heavy rings if you can’t carry them well. The idea is to dress and accessorise yourself by choosing a comfortable ring. If the size is too tight for your finger, it may affect your blood circulation and if the size is way too loose, your ring may fall out. Your fingers must not get hurt in this whole process.

Always have a Statement Ring and a Classic Ring

If you don’t believe in the principle of styling different rings, you can stick on to a single statement or the classic ring. Now choosing this may be a task as it should taste and match your every style and dress.

Being an evergreen accessory, your statement ring should give the vibe of sass and class altogether. You can go for any expensive stone or wear any antique or vintage ring.

Layer Them, Stack Them or Keep it Simple

You can try various alternatives like stacking different rings on one single finger or try rings for every finger. You can even layer them above spinner rings as per your wish but remember in no way, your fingers must look busy. You can try different shapes for different fingers and can even leave some empty. 

At the end of the day, it is your choice and you must not regret why you chose this shape or metal for wearing. 

Avoid the Cheap and Expensive Combination

The drill is to keep it simple and sober. You may destroy the original charm of your expensive ring if you start wearing it with the cheap rings in the wake of looking chunky. You should avoid mixing them and try wearing regular patterns if you are going for any cheap material or ring. 

Try sticking to one type of metal. Also wearing different metals may turn out to be sensitive for your fingers. Choose your perfect combination and stick on to it. 

Wrap Up

It’s all in your hands and accessorising oneself is an art, above that carrying oneself flawlessly is the cherry on top. So, this is all you must know about accessorising your rings. It is crucial that you must possess such jewellery like the silver and the spinner rings which goes with your style always no matter what the current trend or the fashion is.