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So while of course it’s fun to analyze the styles of ever fashionable Rihanna, Beyonce, and Zoe, sometimes we’ve gotta give props to the few lovely up and comers who have their own swag, but might not be splashed on the front of every blog and magazine.

This year, The Fashion Bomb has taken the liberty of naming our own Undercover Fashion Chic Queen of 2009:


Shingai Shoniwa.

The UK born lead singer and bassist for indie rock band the Noisettes has been blazing red carpets in London and beyond in a flurry of mind blowing ensembles. Let’s take a look:


The half Zimbabwean beauty makes a splash in high hemmed frocks and layered skirts, with silhouettes that highlight her small waist and long legs.



Boldly confident and daring, she embraces everything from ruffles to bright colors, and can even make fashion faux pas’ like exposed bras and glorified hot pants look haute.


A confirmed fashionista, Shingai works the snuff out of everything from Vivienne Westwood to John Pierre Braganza, all the while accenting her look-at-me outfits with neon nails and a flattering bouffant hairstyle.


And even rocked a variation of a David Koma dress Beyoncé wore earlier in the year, but added her own flourish with a bright red bolero and multicolored purse.


What do you think of this year’s undercover fashionista?

If you love Shingai, check out this video to see her strut her stuff:

Who would you have chosen for the title?



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