So as the weather gets nippy, celebs are opting for a fur alternative to stave off the chill:


Eye catching and festive, feathers add a singular pop to both casual and dressy outfits. The look can be classic, whether you opt for a little or a lot:
Truly adventurous Christina Milian prefers red carpet ready dresses of feathers in deep purple and seering turquoise:
More subdued sirens love feathers in black, whether fringing a jacket over leather leggings, adding a frou frou hem to a black cocktail…
Or moonlighting as a chic vest or skirt for nights on the town:
Feathers hold allure even for the tame, popping up as hot hair bands:
Or even more typical accessories like necklaces and earrings:
However you wear ’em, they’re a fly trend that’s worth a try!
If you want the exact looks of the season, splurge on these high plume items:
1. Elizabeth and James Plume Feather Vest, $595. 2. Marni Necklace, $635. 3. Elizabeth and James Feather Fringe Long Jacket, $765. 4. Yyigal Asymmetrical Feather Jersey Dress, $450. 5. Anna Sui Feather Hat, $81. 6. Jay Godfrey Feather Stretch Silk Dress, $495. 7. Givenchy Women Open Toe Platform Bootie, $965. 8. Eugenia Kim Silk Feather Headband, $105. 9. Christian Louboutin Rosazissimo Satin Sandals, $760.
Thinks feathers are just a fly by night trend? Save on these:
1. Charlotte Russe Black Feather Earrings, $4. 2. Betsey Johnson Wire Fringe Charm Necklace, $60. 3. Peacock Earrings, $18. 4. Bebe Marabou Cape, $129. 5. J’adore Headband, $45.