Hey Guys,
So while the most recent runways are showing you what will be hot next spring, I wanted to clue you into a trend idea that true modern fashionistas can’t help but rock:

driving gloves.
Though the accessory debuted in the Fall 2007 runway shows, the style has been quietly acquired by some of fashion’s most forward trensetters due to it’s rock & roll, daredevil chic aesthetic:
Victoria Beckham has been spied wearing leather driving gloves with anything from red carpet gowns…
…to jeans and blazers.
And fashionista Rihanna wore a pair with a flouncy dress:
…accessorized with chains and a peek-a-boo bra.
Even guys get in on it, with Kanye pairing his with a white jacket….

….and the singular Karl Lagerfeld accessorizing his uniform with kid gloves.
If you want to go out on a limb this fall, try these:
1. Nordstrom Fingerless Driving Gloves, $78. 2. Carolina Amato Gloves Driving Gloves, Yellow, $149. 3. Carolina Amato Gloves, White, $149. 4. French Connection Driving Gloves, $58. 5. Bloomingdales Leather Driving Gloves, $40.

11 thoughts on “Try a Trend: Driving Gloves”

  1. I’m loving the gloves, but….. where can I find those Leggings the first model has on? Those are nice! Been looking for them everywhere :-(

  2. I may just have to pick up a pair of those Nordstrom gloves! they are hot! I can see it now. My gray peacoat and red pair of gloves!

    I’m getting in the car right now! LOL

  3. The look of driving gloves can be really cute, but my pragmatic side just won’t let me deny the fact that I have no ‘use’ for them. However, I know I can justify how much I “need” a parasol.

  4. I love the yellow gloves in particular. I’ve always desired a pair of beautiful gloves in a jewel or warm color.

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