So remember when I said I was trying out Curél Hydra Therapy? It’s a new ‘wet lotion’ that you apply while still wet, after taking a shower! Well, I’ll be honest: it was interesting getting used to the whole process of applying a product to wet skin. I’m used to drying off then applying lotion!

Applying just after showering locks the moisture in. My skin used to get really tight as soon as I was finished drying-off, and now that doesn’t happen– HydraTherapy locks in the moisture before toweling dry. It feels great when it dries, and surprisingly doesn’t have any greasy residue!

You apply it, then pat it dry with a towel. Have you ever tried a similar product?

See more in my video below:

Now, here’s the question: Are you ready to Break the Rules of Dry Skin and give it a try?

Disclosure Statement:
I have partnered with Curél to share how I break the rules of dry skin. Please visit here to learn more about Curél Hydra Therapy and how you can end dry skin for good.