Hey!So I’ve been seeing the color purple pop up on on many red carpets in the celeb circuit. Eye catching yet sophisticated, it flatters most skin tones and also complements some of spring’s bright accessories:

Venus Williams wears a cap sleeve shift with a metallic bag to ESPN the magazine’s 10th anniversary celebration…


Kelly Rowland slips on a halter neck cocktail with a gathered skirt for a Prada Cocktail Party…
Angie Martinez goes for a wrap dress for the red carpet of Hot 97’s Full Frontal Fashion Show…
And next top model Jaslene opts for separates in a body clinging tube top for BET’s Rip the Runway…

This trend even crossed the pond to Paris…
…where Rihanna made pretty purple pop against a blue jacket and an electric yellow purse.
Want Rihanna’s look? Go with the following:
Left to Right: French Connection Jack Jersey Jacket, $148, www.bloomingdales.com; Alexander Wang Tank Dress, $253, www.standardstyle.com; Nordstrom Deco Crinkle Patent Tote, $198, www.nordstrom.com.
The best of the rest:

Bottom Row: Full Swing Dress, $98, www.bebe.com; Traffic People Satin Trim Silk Chiffon Dress, $130, www.asos.com.

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*Blog Make Fetch Happens pontificates upon this Old Navy Commercial

…starring model Nina Keita [Make Fetch Happen]

Who’s this guy? Our favorite fashionable socialite Genevieve Jones was spotted swatting spit with this mysterious man March 20th at Radar Entertainment’s new fashion division party. His pigtails are raised in approval!
*Fashiontribes on how to get…
a Global Chic look. [Fashiontribes]

12 thoughts on “Trend Talk: Purple Haze”

  1. I love purple but I think that WE are most flattering in PLUM. Still in the purple family I think.

  2. Can I just talk about this ON ad for a hot minute? I absolutley love it. Make Fetch Happen had an interesting take on the love interest scenario…hopefully fashion will continue to follow in this trend.

  3. LMAO at dude with teh braids. When I first saw this pic, I was like wth also. I toke it as a joke; she can’t be serious, and hopefully, he sin’t either.

  4. The guy with the braids is a twin. There names are Ricky and Dee Jackson. They did the lego belts for Marc Jacobs collection while back.

  5. Purple is such a vibrant color….i love wearing it….purple bags, hats, gloves….im addicted.

  6. that’s ricky jackson of camp beverly hills and half of the creator of marc jacobs lego belts

  7. Kelly Rowland’s purple dress is so cute!! Where can I get it/ who is it by? Thanks! p.s. i LOVE this blog!

  8. I want Kelly’s dress and I enjoyed your sidebar Just Because photos and What Really Grinds My Gears, how funny :)

  9. I LOVE fashion but I can’t afford it. Just when I save up enough for a LV bag with the rainbow signature, the fashion changes. I started shopping for really good knock offs that are just as nice, or close. I went through 5 purses…ouch. I was at a street fair in Seattle and bought 3 purses from http://www.PookiesPurses.com. I still have them a year later. The leather is real and they are super cute. I decided to go with 1 Brighton (black and white), one Chanel (black) and a Dooney with bumble bees for spring. I don’t know if they are still around but I really recommend them.

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