Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m a prep at heart! Throw me a blazer and cable knit in any combination, and I’ll start to swoon.
While ‘prep’ usually conjures up images of dorky girls in knee socks, modern takes on preppy staples, like plaid, are adding an air of cool to tradition:
Kat de Luna and Eva Pigford rock plaid in colorful dresses topped off with pretty pumps or ankle boots…


…with or without tights.
Rihanna and Rachel Roy pump up the volume in all plaid coats…
…adding belts to create hourglass silhouettes.
Chanteuse Christina Milian offers just a dash of plaid in a yellow cap…
And Kimora (and kids) go super traditional and super cute in Burberry….

Even men get in on the action….
…in blazers, caps, and simple shirts.
Want a plaid look? Try a coat if you’re bold…

Left to Right: Plaid Wool Coat, $180, www.ardenb.com ; Guess? Plaid Wool Coat, $198, www.nordstrom; Coffee Shop Plaid Balloon Hem Coat, $138, www.nordstrom.com.
Pop on a dress for a great work look…

Left to Right: Nine West Belted Plaid Pencil Dress, $65, www.macys.com ; Plaid Belted Dress, $148, www.bananarepublic.com; Semantiks ‘New Haven’ Plaid Dress, $180, www.nordstrom.com.
Or add an accessory for just a touch…

Left to Right: Eugenia Kim Maggie Wool Paid Equestrian Cap, $187, shopbop.com
Burberry Smock Check Scarf, $180, www.neimanmarcus.com; justsweet Women’s Penelope II Open Toe Pump, $100, www.endless.com.
Don’t forget the men!

Left to Right: Shades of Greige Plaid Military Jacket in Grey/Black, $184, www.revolveclothing.com ; Hawkings McGill Market Dress Shirt, $49, www.urbn.com; Hats Off, $20, www.kennethcole.com.
Now flaunt your inner prep with pride!
PS Just for fun, a couple great steals:

Left to Right: Lux Western Buttondown Shirt, $48, www.urbn.com ; Roney Plaid Wrap Jacket, $58, www.rampage.com.

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*Keyshia Cole showed up to 106th & Park yesterday in this get up:

We love Keyshia, but do we love this look?
*I started salivating when I saw this $670 pair of Alessandro Dell’Acqua Suede Bondage Stiletto’s on shopbop.com

Would you rock these?

11 thoughts on “Trend Talk: Preppy Plaid”

  1. Yes M’am. I would DEFINITELY rock those with a pretty, bright dress (maybe yellow,fuschia, cobalt blue?) so I could of course stand out. I have always loved plaid, but so many people dislike it. I guess it depends on the person and how they rock it!

  2. Plaid I love ….Keyshia Cole just cant pull this look off its not a bad get up its just the person was not right for it …and the shoes I would rock but I’ve seen better for that price

  3. I wouldn’t rock those shoes…i would KILL those shoes! those are caliente! love it…time to go to saks’ shoe heaven
    keyshia looks like she shaved a pomeranian and made it a vest…no ma’am not at all…

  4. I love me some Keyshia, but that get up, hell to the naw! I would DEFINITELY rock those stilletos. They are fire!! Plaid can look alright at times, but I don’t think it’s a look I think I could pull off. I’d feel like someone’s grandma….

  5. I would definitely rock those shoes. Bare legs with a black ballon skirt and white fitted shirt and black leather clutch… don’t mind me…. Keyshia Keyshia, when you try too hard u end up looking like big bird’s lil sister

  6. Just an FYI ladies- Marshall’s has those peep toe plaid pumps for like $16.99, and they are too cute!!

  7. I’d love to think that Keyisha is onto something there… but I just don’t see it.

    And I totally get the bondage stilettos – but anything that cuts me off at the ankle totally decimates my massive soccer legs!

    But I love, love, love that Plaid Wrap Jacket – AWESOME find!!


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