So surprise, surprise. I’m pretty blind.
Believe it or not, yours truly sported painfully nerdy coke bottles with plastic frames for most of adolescence. As far as I was concerned, it was definitely not a good look…I was more than happy to trade in my specs for contacts in junior high.
Interestingly, a nerdy glasses trend has been blooming amongst fashionistas of note–with surprising results:
Fashion Bomb friend Kesh actually looks hot rocking black specs with a strapless tube dress, doorknockers, and gold chain…


Neo-Soul Queen Erykah Badu has taken to wearing large librarian glasses, but makes it sexy with a deep cut button down, scarf, and beret…
And trendsetter Kelis rocks a turtoise shell pair…
…with a striped turtleneck.
This trend is even transcending gender, with Style Czars like Kanye West…
…and Damon Dash…
…unabashedly sporting glasses at the most fashionable events.
Could lame be the new cool?
If so, try these:
Top Row: Risky Readers, $14, www.urbn.com; Editrix Readers, $58, www.anthropologie.com.
Bottom Row: Cazal Glasses, $300, www.filthydripped.com.
For Guys:

Johnston & Murphy Readers, $60, www.johnstonmurphy.com.

Might have to dust off my old frames and give ’em a twirl.
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*Deal of the Day:
Boombox Bling Necklace, $14, www.lulus.com.
*Splurge of the Day:
Get a Kelly Rowland airport look…
…with this $1,445 Miu Miu Matelasse Large Hobo
…from Bergdorf Goodman. (Thanks AosGrl!)