Happy Holidays loves!!  It’s your one and only fashion fairy God-diva here to bring you holiday cheer and the snazziest outfits to wear for winter now, and to bring in the New Year!  This season we are overjoyed and so ready for the festivities as we close out 2018! So many great parties, entertainment, and of course awesome shopping! These can be much needed stress relievers, so we don’t want you to have to stress over what to wear!  Going out to a causal party? Make sure you pay attention to the venue, the time of day, and of course the dress code if any. Some establishments only allow collar shirts for gents and heels for women.  Also pay attention to the type of music you will most likely hear.  Check out some of the hottest styles & trending events for the best holiday parties the rest of the year and beyond on @FashionBombMag!  The fabulous party tutu above available on FashionBombDailyShop.com.

Thanksgiving came and went with a thankful yet emotional momentum for many; right around the corner is Christmas and then boom, the New Year! Thank God we made it! Various Christmas parties are in the works for the month of December, and of course New Year’s Eve brings out the best party goers and their attire for the year! It approached us so fast!? What to wear??! You dare ask?! Never fear @Idystylle and @FashionBombDaily are here! The glitz and glamour of the holiday season brings shine and sparkle to life. Let that reflect in your fashion as well.  The fabulous sequin skirt is available just in time for a holiday party, on diva Claire Sulmers also available at FashionBombDailyShop.com.

Divas do not be afraid to wear that sequin black, gold or even multi-colored dress. This is the time just for that! Glitter, shine and glam for this time of year will never go out of style! We adore this warm, winter and sparkling ensemble on our fashionable diva @MsBlingMiami! Available for purchase by clicking the link in her Instagram bio.

If your events are low key, it’s still acceptable to wear a bedazzled top with jeans or a simple blouse in your favorite color with multi-hue, glittered heels or boots. We love this simple, fun Christmas-hiphop inspired top also sold by @MsBlingMiami.

Fellas, also do not be afraid to wear fun shirts & colors as well! An emerald or kelly green dress shirt with a black suit is perfect for this time of year! Check out our all time favorite music man, Bruno Mars in easy, yet stylish, holiday colored threads he wore to promote his amazing Thanksgiving television concert last year. We hope he does another one!

The traditional bling of the holidays will always be in style when it comes to fashion. As we embark on the changes in trends when it comes to wardrobing, we can appreciate the simplicity of what to wear when it comes to professional and leisure activities.  We all strive to learn to work smarter, not just harder.  This concept is true especially when it comes to attire. We want to prioritize our time and energy where we need to the most.

As educated consumers we want to use our money just as wisely. Therefore, buying a sparkly dress or colorful Christmas suit is not always at the top of our to-do list, especially if we are only going to wear it once or twice. If we do decide to splurge, we are going to find what we want at the best price. How do we find the balance? That’s where Idyllstyle gets the job done! Check out these great pieces that you can wear to your office party and beyond. Plaids and hound’s-tooth prints in bold but classic colors are the rave.  Check out this great inexpensive pants suit by Ralph Lauren worn impeccably on SNL’s own, Leslie Jones. She styled this impressively with Stuart Weitzman heels. If you want more deets on her look, just check out her instagram @lessdogggg

The great thing also about this look is you can wear the jacket and pants together or as separates. Jazz it up with bold metallic heels in gold or silver and accessories for your office party, wear the pieces separate with black heels a week later to the office.  You can wear this outfit for the rest of the year until spring, and every year during the season, as timeless pieces that will not go out of style. Also see a similar look below worn on funny guy DL Hughley.

He’s giving us effortless swag in this print, this suit is the perfect complement to festal holiday colors that can transition to be worn after the festive events of the Holidays are over. Looking for more great and versatile party looks this season!? Check out @Fashionbombdaily on the daily and @Idyllstyle for your best, smart and savvy fashion fixes! Happy Styling loves!!