The newest accessories craze? Stacked watches!

Blogs like Jak & Jil and Stockholm Street Style have snapped fashionistas wearing multiple watches at once, piling on both gold and silver tickers with bracelets and cuffs:

Jak and Jil Stacked Watches

You’ll never have a problem telling the time, and the look allows you to creatively mix metallics for even more fashionable versatility.

You can get the look by wearing watches, like these from Guess, Gc, or Marc Ecko ($180-$575), one on top of the other:


Or get the look for less by mixing and matching these fun time keepers:

Will you be trying this trend?

4 thoughts on “Trend Report : Stacked Watches”

  1. No, I will not be trying this trend. I think the idea is stupid- unless you are some international spy/businessman who needs to know the time in 6 different cities at once. This is like the whole open-toed boot trend, but worse. I think that someone wearing this would look more like a fashion victim than a trend setter, because other than the person who originally thought of it, you are obviously just doing it to try and follow what the latest “trend” is.

  2. @ KikIlis

    I feel you. Why would you need multiple watches? I like the stacked bangles look, but more than one watch? That’s just weird lol. Can’t co-sign on the open toe booties though. I heart those lol.

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