Last night super stellar intern Adriana came out with me to check out Trace Magazine’s Annual Black Girls Rule! Party:


Yeah, we were just chillin with our homie Ryan Leslie.
Anyway, lots of celebs came out to play, including cover girl Keri Hilson (who happened to be wearing Melody Ehsani earrings)…
…and MTV’s Julissa Bermudez (co-host of Countdown to America’s Best Dance Crew)…
…I love that skirt!
Adriana and I got to work capturing lots of Real Style via video and pictures. We don’t have it all ready for ya, but here’s a bit of a preview…

…fashion’s finest truly stepped it up! Not quite sure when we’ll have a video ready of last night’s festivities, but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.
PS Shout out to Claude and Prince of Trace Mag! And everyone, cop your issue of Trace Magazine’s Black Girls Rule! Issue
… available now on newsstands.

8 thoughts on “Trace Magazine’s Black Girls Rule! Party”

  1. Claire’s post said “Countdown to ABDC,” which I did see Julissa hosting. I think she’s talking about the marathons, not the actual show.

  2. 1. Nope its DEF Julissa, and
    2. Was that sarcasm or a possible joke i missed about the fashion at the Trace party, bc imo the first and last outfits werent quite “on”, and then the second picture, the girl to the right DEF should have been cut out, but i think the focus was supposed to be on dude in the middle and his outfit was very nice, so im a little confused.
    and finally 3. I really enjoy coming to this blog, i stumbled upon it a few days ago and i like it

  3. and BTW (especially since my previous comment wasnt the most positive)… Julissa looks absolutely amazing, she really found a hitter with that skirt! and Kerri and those earing… i think im gonna have to make a purchase!

  4. Claire, I see you rockin the dress you bought at Pinky Rose Boutique out here in l.a. Imma need a full on shot tho, to see how the fit came out. Don’t be tryin to hide! lol


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