Sunglasses have long been a fashion accessory of choice for men and women, and as with many such accessories they perform an important task. It is essential that you protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays as these can damage your eyesight and lead to cataracts. Sunglasses are protection, and it’s also important that you choose a quality pair with genuine protective lenses. Cheap, supermarket sunglasses will not give the protection you need, so steer away from them.

Back top fashion, and there’s no doubt that sunglasses are a stylish adornment, and not just in summer. The winter sun can also make it difficult to see, and ski glasses have become mainstream in street fashion circles. Many people are influenced in their choice by pictures of celebrities wearing designer sunglasses but we want to help you find a pair that suits you  at the right price. Let’s look at some of the designer brands in the market and talk about some of their designs.

Polaroid PLG2071GSX

It might surprise you to know that Polaroid is an Italian brand with a long history. They specialize in prescription lenses, so you are guaranteed the perfect choice of lenses with Polaroid. Experts in glare reduction and UV protection, their range is varied but traditional. The Polaroid PLG2071GSX design is a classic tortoiseshell frame with wonderfully tinted lenses that are fully polarized and offer UV3 protection, and these will look the part anywhere you want to go. The brand also does unisex frames and sunglasses for women, so is definitely one worth looking at for quality at sensible prices.

Oakley O009362

The Oakley brand may be undeniably American but has an infusion of Italian style thanks to being a subsidiary of an Italian company. With a range of designs that are aimed at and influenced by sportsmen and women – the company is known for its ski, surf and skate gear – these are sleek, simply yet very stylish and trendy sunglasses. The black frame and dark lenses of the O009362 design are an Oakley trademark, and with choice of grey or blue UV3 lenses you also get a touch of style that is typical of the brand. Mid-range prices make this a popular brand with younger wearers.

Sparco Podium

A manufacturer of motor racing gear and clothing, Sparco also has an excellent range of designer sunglasses inspired by the high speed thrills and spills of the race circuit. The ‘Podium’ design is just one of a range of quality yet surprisingly affordable glasses that look different to the norm. Neat detail touches give them a distinctly racy look, and the black frame with a double bridge design and grey UV2 lenses gives them a sleek distinctive appearance. Great sunglasses at the price, and unusual without being too over the top.

Lacoste L861S

Associated with the sport of tennis – if you weren’t aware, co-founder Rene Lacoste was a famous French tennis player – the Lacoste brand offers a full range of stylish, high quality sunglasses that reflect the origins of the brand. This pair, the L861S for women, is spectacularly stylish with a red finish and matching lenses, and the lightweight frames are easy to wear with a comfortable fit. The men’s range is also impressive with a wide choice of styles and colours, and for a top designer sporting brand the prices are certainly affordable.

Balmain BL2529B

A French brand that was founded in the 1940’s, Balmain is established as one of the leading names in uniquely styled designer sunglasses that exude French style and quality. Known for the use of earthy, muted colours – this model comes in a black frame with green pinstriping, and features almost round grey lenses – this is a range that will appeal to the man or woman about town who wants to be seen wearing quality. There is something special about a pair of sunglasses such as that that, while being unusual in shape and style, don’t look over the top. Check out the full range for some clever designs at sensible prices.Sunglasses for Summer.jpg

Calvin Klein CKJ512S

One of the most recognizable fashion brands of all, Calvin Klein seems to have a foothold in every market yet that doesn’t stop its range of designer sunglasses being among the best of them all. This pair, the CKJ512S, is a typical unisex design from the CK brand with outlandish orange lenses and a contrasting black frame with orange and grey arms. It’s a daring combination that works superbly, and would look great worn in the bar, on the commute, or even on the ski slopes. A modern classic, CK takes design to new heights of innovation yet keeps prices at an affordable level.

Guess GG2137

The US brand Guess sits in the middle ranks of the designer brands, yet is known for great quality products at superb prices. This pair of men’s sunglasses is from a rich and varied range that covers everything from these traditional, understated glasses with UV3 brown lenses and tortoiseshell arms to more wacky and bright designs, and each is wearable and original. There are few designer brands that can match Guess for the quality to price ratio, so this range is certainly one for your shortlist.

Ermenegildo Zegna EZ0001

The Ermenegildo Zegna brand was founded in Italy more than 100 years ago as a maker of fine fashion for men. These days it is primarily known for its male fashion but does make sunglasses for women too, and it is the use of exotic materials and stunning designs that makes the brand stand out. Look at the detail that has gone into the EZ0001 men’s sunglasses and you get an understanding of why this brand is so highly regarded. This is a high-end brand, but the prices are still reasonable, and you’re getting quality, original sunglasses that are among the best in the world.

As the models we’ve talked about confirm, the market for sunglasses is a busy one with many different brands vying for your custom. Quality is the key to the best designer sunglasses and there is a wealth of it on offer here. From the stylish traditional designs that we know and love to more outlandish and original looks, the choice is yours as to what you want to wear.

The prices of the models we have looked at are amazingly affordable, with even the more expensive being with the reach of most people, so now is the time to choose a pair of quality designer sunglasses to complete your outfit. Check out the full range of the brands mentioned, and you’ll see something that fits your taste and budget.


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