Creative wedding wearing is a way for people to express their personalities in the wedding ceremony. What I’m going to introduce you here are some creative wearing that can make your day stands out from other couples. 

The weddings may be varying from the religious, traditional and modern ones. The wearing can also vary depending on their cultures and traditions. They would like to make their weddings special and memorable by using creative wear that they want to wear for their ceremony.

What you will read here are some creative wedding wearings that you should try:

  1. A Leather Jacket with Wedding Dress

One way of having creative wedding wearing is by adding a high-quality leather jacket from PalaLeather to your wedding dress. You can try to match it with a western or modern suit if you want to have this kind of creative wearing. But mind you, you should look for an expert who will help in cutting and stitching the leather in order to fit well with your body shape and size. 

You can also ask for help from an expert so that they will know how to match the color of the leather and your wedding dress. There are many color choices you can choose from brown, black, and white.

2) Creative Wedding Wearing in Sepia Tone

Using sepia tone is another creative wearing you should try. A sepia-tone look would give you a vintage feeling of the wedding day. Not only that, but sepia-tone can also help you get back to your younger days when things are still fun and easy. Matching a sepia -tone look with a rust bridesmaid dress would definitely pop out from the crowd. 

You don’t have to spend much or spend a lot on this creative wedding wearing. There are many ways that you can do it yourself. Just get a professional photographer to take your photos and have them sepia tone so that they will look vintage and more creative.

3) A Tuxedo and A Wedding Dress

Have you ever thought of wearing a tuxedo on your wedding day? Well, this creative wedding wearing is also one of the most popular choices today. This can be used by males and females who would like to have their own ways of expressing themselves. There are many ways that you can pair it up with your wedding dress. You can use a dark or light-colored tuxedo on your wedding day depending on the color of your wedding dress.

4) A Wedding Dress with Sneakers

Wearing sneakers on your wedding day can be one of the most creative wedding wearings you should try. You don’t have to spend much but the outcome would amaze you and all of your guests too. This is also popular among young couples who are very sporty and active in doing various kinds of activities even during their wedding.

5) Wedding Dress with Head Piece

Using a headpiece from Cicinia can also be one of the most creative wearings that you should try. You can wear anything on your head whether it is veil, flower or any decorations. The choice is yours and this would surely be an interesting experience for you and your guests who are attending your special day. The wedding wear will not be so boring anymore. You can also pair it up with your wedding dress and make it stand out. This is another great way of adding a creative touch to any ceremony without spending too much on this kind of outfit.

6) Hoodie and Wedding Dress

Last but not least, wearing a hoodie can also be one of the most creative wearings you should try if you want a more casual and relaxed wedding ceremony. You don’t have to worry about what you will wear on your special day, as long as you know how to match it up with the color of your wedding dress. This is one of those creative wearings that you can choose from as this can be one of your options as well. When choosing the hoodie, make sure that it is quite loose and not too tight so that it will fit you well.

Using creative wedding wearing is one of the best ways to liven up your ceremony. It will surely be an interesting experience for you and all of your guests who are attending this special moment in your life, making each other husband and wife! And having creative wedding wearing will not be that boring anymore.