As the weather gets warmer, it’s a chance to start finding new hobbies, such as visiting new places, playing at Platin live casino online uk, and of course, trying out new fashion trends to up your style. In this article, we’ll focus on the latest spring fashion trends such as big bags, colourful suits and more. We’ll tell you what the trend is about and where you can find your own versions of them.

Cutout Dresses 

There’s no shame in showing a bit of skin with a trendy cutout dress. These dresses are tight-fitting, bodycon dresses with gaps on the sides and/or the back. They are quite versatile as they come in long sleeves, sleeveless or one-shoulder versions. Fortunately, this dress will most likely be available at all your favourite online clothing stores, as well as brick and mortar retail stores if you want to try it on first. 

Colourful Suits 

Add a pop of colour to your work outfits by rocking a suit in pink, green, blue or yellow. These have become very popular because they add some fun back into business. They’re a nod to the early 90s when bold colours were a fashion favourite. To find a good quality colourful suit, check your trusted local boutique stores. This way you can rest assured of a high-quality suit or two to add to your wardrobe that’ll last for years to come.


Miniskirts are a trend that is almost guaranteed to come back every year because they are so versatile and can be either styled up or down. For spring, you’ll want to wear them with stockings so that you stay warm, however, the best thing about this trend is that you can continue to wear your miniskirt in summer and lose the stockings to stay cool. Depending on the miniskirt style you want, you can find them at most department stores. For a sporty, tennis-inspired version, check your local sports attire store for some Nike branded skirts.

Huge bags 

We’re going from small clutch bags to huge ones this spring. This comes as a relief for those who need something with more room for all their daily essentials. We love huge bags because you can use them to carry your laptop, or even as a reusable carrier when you’re picking up non-perishables from the grocery store. Find your next, high-quality big bag at a leather store or visit your local markets for unique, handmade versions.

Low rise bottoms 

The 2000s are calling with this latest spring fashion trend. Get yourself a pair of low rise pants and stay on-trend with everyone else. One of the most appealing things about this trend is that they allow for your stomach to breathe as it takes a break from being snatched under high rise jeans. Most department stores and online fashion shops are beginning to stock these, so they should not be hard to find.


With the above in mind, you can start shopping for your spring-inspired wardrobe for this year. Also remember to look out for kint clothing for a laid-back look, or romantic floral detailed shoes and accessories as an elegant addition.