With the dynamic ups and downs of this year’s festival calendar, you obviously cannot afford to be basic. At least not when you finally show up at the long-dreamed summer event.

So, your oversized tee and pair of shredded jeans might still be an option… But not the very best option available, though. With the striking abundance of sexy rave outfits offered on the market today, there is much more you can do to stand out and steal the spotlight in the glimpse of an eye.

What do you need to know about the festival fashion trends of the season, and which are the top looks to consider for a memorable look? In the following paragraphs, we are more than glad to be your guides in the EDM and rave world.

Printed Spandex Takes Over!

First things first – we have a winner when it comes to both fabric and design. 

This year, elastic and bodycon spandex is the number one trend in festival fashion, and there are a good bunch of valid reasons for that fact. First of all, it is flexible, comfy, and suitable for all sizes. What’s more – it supports the freedom of movement and expression since it looks just as glorious as it feels.

And how exactly does it look? Just the way you want it to! Spandex (or lycra) festival garments come in hundreds of vivid thematic prints covering a colossal spectrum of motifs. From chic monochrome neon to futuristic prints, psychedelic designs, kawaii series, and anime characters – you can simply have it all and wear it like a second skin.

So, what are the very best printed spandex garments in the rave game? 

#1 A One-Piece Festival Catsuit

All-in-one perfection has a name, and we call it a party catsuit. It can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or sleeveless; full-cover or cutout, with a deep or a high neckline. 

Either way, it comes with a streamlined look and a savage vibe. It radiates confidence and sex appeal while also providing a medium to high body-shaping effect and excellent support for the tummy, the tights, and the breast. 

The very best part about it? A printed catsuit will instantly transform you into a droid princess, a mythological goddess, a roaring wildling, or a spaced-out extraterrestrial creature – you choose the skin, you put it on, and you run the parade.

#2 A Cutout Dress

When speaking about cheekiness, we can intuitively imagine two essential ingredients – sexy dresses and foxy cutouts. When we put those two together in one sentence, we definitely have the recipe for state-of-the-art festival boldness.

Do body size and body shape matter? Hell, no. 

A sexy cutout mini dress with an underboob cutout? Flawless.

An alluring maxi dress with a central cutout, paired with friction-fitting booty shorts? Superb.

Everything in between? Indeed glorious. 

#3 A Steamy Bodysuit

Bodysuits are a long-lasting trend in the rave realm, as well as the cosplay culture. Are they okay for a summer festival? A hundred times and a hundred designs “yes.” 

Starting with the basic “swimsuit-like” models and going to the most striking cutout, thong, high hip gems – bodysuits are undoubtedly among the cheekiest things you can wear to the next EDM in your event calendar. 

Do you need some bonus epicness points from style police? Round out your festival look with an elastic neck gaiter, a pair of leather motor boots, and the heaviest glitter makeup you can imagine. Breaking hearts will be the least you can do after. 

#4 Booty Shorts + A Crop Top 

High-waisted, alluringly cut, and 100% brute – booty shorts just need the right crop top to upgrade their appearance from good to legendary. 

What does the “right” crop top look like, though? Probably with a scoop neckline and a bare back. Probably with a high mock neck and cold shoulders. Probably with a roomy hood and a lotus leaf print all over. Probably just like a cheeky spandex bra. 

Whatever your idea of perfection – you can just go get it and make it a trend!

#5 Printed Leggings + A Boob Tube

Do you prefer to leave some more to the imagination? Full-length printed leggings will ideally emphasize your shapes without ever actually revealing an inch of lower body skin. 

When picking a pair of spandex leggings with a high waist, rounding out the styling with a minimalistic boob tube is recommended as the most balanced thing to do. Another option is going for a boob-tube-like choker top, just to calculate the final pinch of enchantment to your allure. 

Do NOT Hesitate To Be Your Truest Self!

If cheekiness overload is your thing, do not hold back! There are plenty of garment choices that will make you the lead of the show, and there’s nothing better than being happy with who you are.

If you still prefer your oversized tee and pair of shredded jeans, guess what? Girl, that’s pretty cheeky, too, as long as you consider it to be!

At the end of the day – festival culture is all about the freedom to live the best of all possible lives. So, go for it and enjoy your most authentic self to the fullest!