With almost 50% of the United Kingdom’s population (70% to 80%, in other parts of the globe)  finally starting to take multivitamins and supplements on a regular basis, this much is true— that overall well-being is now a priority of many. 


Personalized supplement sprays are cracking the market as well. Click for treatment and information about this new type of supplement medium and why it may be advantageous to you. 


1. Ease Of Consumption 

There are many in the vast majority of vitamin-and-supplement-takers who have difficulty swallowing pills. This is true if the pill or tablet size is larger than average, or if the capsules themselves are made of hard, non-gelatin capsules. 


If you can relate to this dilemma, then you are going to appreciate the makings of personalized supplement sprays. As recommended, you can simply spray the amount required under your tongue. Generally, this equates to 1 to 3 sprays, at least once a day (or as prescribed). 


2. Convenient Usage And Portability 

These intra-oral sprays are indisputably easy to carry around with you. Instead of bringing both pill mat (or pill case) plus a bottle of fluids with you, all you will need is the supplement spray. Nothing more. 


The same convenience will be afforded you should you use the spray in the comfort of your own home. 


3. Quick Effects-Monitoring

A benefit that is unique to personalized supplement sprays is that because they are applied on the frenulum (back portion of the tongue), or for other brands, right at the centre of the oral cavity (in between the tongue and the hard palate), your body’s initial reaction to it can be quickly monitored. 


Such reactions may arise through the appearance of redness, an itchy and/or tingling sensation on the part of the mouth where the supplement is sprayed, dryness on the same area, etc. 


In rare instances, overdosing on supplements may lead to nausea and/or vomiting. We also want to point out that the overdosing of any kind of vitamin and/or dietary supplement is highly discouraged. Doing so over a long period of time could be detrimental to your liver, and to other organs in your body.


However, as a side note, these side effects are far and few between when it comes to supplement sprays. As long as you follow the dosage required, you will not have to worry about them.

4. General Health Maintenance 

The reason why supplements are recommended, especially as one grows older, is because they contain several vitamins and minerals in a capsule/tablet/pill. They may complete the amount of nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. Most of which you may not be able to acquire merely through food and drink intake. 


5. Immune System Support

Supplements sprays are composed of specific nutrients which your body will utilise to add to its systemic fight against bacteria and viruses. It isn’t that taking supplements will boost your immune system in themselves. It’s that the components of supplements can aid the agents in one’s body which are responsible for warding off health-ruinous elements, and are a resource for the consumption of a balanced amount of nutrients in a single go.