What does a man need in a rain jacket? It is evident that the primary purpose of a rain jacket for men is to keep them dry on a rainy day. You also need something that is stylish and looks good on you because it is the first thing people will see when they look at you.  

And when it gets warmer, you want your raincoat to be breathable. If you are looking for a rain jacket that will keep you dry while maintaining your relaxed style, here are some of the top 3 best under $100 rain jackets men’s to check out.

  1. Uniqlo Blocktech Parka for Men

For about $80, the Uniqlo rain jacket for men is affordable, stylish, and performs well. The brand has focused more on the coat’s performance via its technical fabric and clean construction. 

The fabric is waterproof and durable, with just enough stretch to make it comfy. Besides the essential function of a raincoat – keeping you dry – the rain jacket for men has very minimal branding on it and has a minimal appearance with a lot of features in it. 

The features include the hood, moisture-wicking interior, and a drawcord waist, which all improve the essential function of a rain jacket.

  1. Columbia Men’s Watertight Rain Jacket

The coat is one of the most affordable rain jackets on this list, going for about $70 in many stores. Just like the Uniqlo rain jacket, it has a minimalistic characteristic and appeals to any stylish man. 

The rain jacket will help keep you, and your clothing dry as its material is waterproof, as its name suggests. To add to those characteristics, it is light and easily foldable. 

You can fold the jacket and stuff it in your bag if the weather changes.

  1. REI Co-op Groundbreaker Rain Jacket

Looking at this particular rain jacket, you might reasonably assume it is specifically designed for outdoor activities. It is one of those high-tech coats that are fashionable and affordable, considering all its features that match Patagonia’s rain jacket for men. 

The Groundbreaker is a high-quality jacket designed to keep you warm and dry as well as give you a cool, stylish look at the same time. In as much as the raincoat appears like a more outdoor jacket, it is trendy among the city folks. 

This is because it is not quite high-tech looking, is waterproof, breathable, and can still be used for outdoor activities like a hike. The coat is more of a casual use coat rather than technical. 

The REI Co-op Groundbreaker Rain Jacket goes for about $50 in stores.


The weather might be demanding that you get one of those rain jackets to keep you warm and dry and maintain your style among your peers. Remember, functionality is crucial but doesn’t forget about style and fashion while considering any of those rain jackets for men.