That’s a wrap! Fashion week may be over, but we are still gushing over these Bombshells/Bombers who showed up and showed out at New York Fashion Week. Each briefly described their wardrobe style and more, so let’s take a look at our top 20 street style faves below!


If you didn’t know, plaid is trending this Fall! @Laurel.thom stood out on the streets with her mixed prints as she left her last show of the season.

What’s your best Fashion Week memory? What made it so special? 

This was actually my first Fashion Week experience. Sitting front row at the Denivi show at my first show ever next to a bunch of bloggers that I aspire to be like made this Fashion Week extremely special for me.

We’ve been seeing these pants all Summer long! But, doesn’t @neonhue_ wear them so chic with her button-down and sunnies?!

Where are you on your way to?

Right now I just left the Son Jung Wang show and I’m on my way to celebrate my friends birthday. I just attended a few shows during the day. 

One word! Dapper! @Thesivu attended shows in this sharp ensemble. I love the olive and brown together!

Describe your style in 5 words. 

Sartorial. Gentleman. African. Unique. Proverbial. 

We can’t get enough of Gucci this year! It’s almost impossible to go a day during Fashion Week without seeing this Gucci t-shirt. Bomber, @spag_lo  added his personal style to his street style look.

What makes your Fashion Bomb?

I like to be comfortable. That’s my main thing. Very simple with the colors very uniform. Just a few accessories. Lots of scarves, sunglasses, and classic sneakers that have a certain detail to them. I could be very contemporary and I’ll add a sportswear shoe to make it balance. 

Who’s your celeb style inspiration?

Pharrell, he’s upscale and street at the same time. 


Blogger, @tylauren kept her look chic and simple and dressed it up with a plaid red blazer. Definitely a Fall necessity!

What is your best fashion week memory? What made it so special? 

“My best fashion week memory was in 2011 when I met Tyra Banks because she’s such an inspiring businesswoman.”


Isn’t this best friend duo so glam?! @Theregoesnicandash are ready for Fall in a leather dress and a nude and khaki looks. I can’t get enough of their hair colors!

What is your best fashion week memory? What made it so special? 

Our best fashion week memory is from February 2016 when we met at the Texture on the runway event. It was our first time meeting in person after following each other on social media.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blazer dress and sneakers worn so effortlessly before! Bombshell @rock_yo_rizos was out and about slaying these streets with the luxury of comfort.

What style advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be in such a rush to grow up. Being a kid is so much fun!

Chic and comfy! Meet Teresa aka @shoegal_t who’s style is all about minimalism and muted tones.

What are you wearing?

“I’m wearing a European brand called & Other Stories, accessories are from Danielle Wellington, a Givenchy bag, and the necklace I made myself. I’m an interior designer, but I like to make jewelry for myself.”

Comfy and classy, love it! Meet Leshawn aka @monstyletue.

What’s the inspiration behind this look?

I saw Pharrell in this jumper that’s similar like this, so I felt like I wanted to create a similar look. He didn’t have on Dr. Martens or whatever, he had on sneakers, but I figured let me put on Dr. Martens.

Love it! You have such a sophisticated edge about your look. Meet Reva aka @hybridhues.

What are you wearing?

This is thrifted, a silk top with a top shop belt, then the Balmain x H&M bottoms and shoes are Zara. Also, this is really fun cuff from Zaire Studio.

Anton’s (@xi.ant) fit is full of life! It’s vibrant, fun and he knows how to use prints to make his look pop!

What makes your fashion so bomb?

I make it my own. I don’t go off what a magazine or a poster would tell me to wear, and I don’t let gender influence my choices.

Fresh to death! Shakon aka @@sincerelyfresh I can tell loves layering his looks with classic and vintages pieces.

What makes your fashion bomb?

Honestly, fashion is me speaking when I don’t want to say anything. So I think it’s my expression of how I want to feel on the inside.

Slay! Meet Anna aka @ratchetmulan who is slaying in her full look from Fashion Nova!

Is this your first time attending New York Fashion Week? And what are you excited to see?

It is my first time in New York and fashion week. I am looking forward to seeing more shows, seeing more models, and seeing more photographers.

Effortlessly fun and quirky! Meet Semone aka @semonofstyle who is a fashion photographer.

What are you wearing?

I always wear designer dresses. I am wearing Dolce Gabbana and Stella McCartney shoes.

Well, hello Yuki aka @yukibomb. Your style is so icy! Love it!

What makes your fashion bomb?

I used to be in an all-girl rock band and I was actually very introverted, so you know after the rock band I just really wanted to break out of my shell, which explains the bomb!

Nothing but net!  Your outfit is fly, and you definitely know how to work a minimalist look! Meet Raven aka @_ravenroberts!

How would you describe your style?

I would say that it’s a bit trendy with definitely like vintage touches. I definitely always have usually something on that’s either thrifted or vintage in some way shape or form…or my outfit is inspired by that.

Wow! What a view! Love how you’re bold enough to mix vibrant colors with your look! Meet Fabienne aka @_fabiennesworld.

What were your thoughts on what to wear for fashion week?

I definitely needed to keep cool, but I also I really like color, so I just was like ‘something colorful, something light in the hate.

Black and white vibes! Your pants are everything! She did not disclose her name, but take a look at how she described her style.

What influenced your look?

A little bit Spanish. This is a twin set from Barcelona.

So vibrant and sleek! Love it! Meet Valerie aka @imyourvalpal.

How would you describe your style in 5 words?

Genderless, mix-n’-match, simple, street style, and fast fashion.

Diva vibes! You have such fun accessories! Meet Allison aka @elizabethbrown, and creator of @theladylovescouture.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stick to your gun, trust your instinct and anything that God tells you to do do it, and never question yourself.


What do you think of this year’s street style from #NYFW17?