College is a great time for self-discovery, your fashionable side being a part of the metamorphosis. You need to look cool, but where is the budget for it? The good news is that you can look good on the cheap. There is so much fashion inspiration to borrow from and try in between handing in your killer papers. You can look just as good as those fashion stars on Instagram. You only have to break from the comfy look you have grown into and try something new. Here are some tips to turn you into a star on the ‘gram. 

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Don’t Spend on Every Trend 

Being trendy is desirable, but you will go broke quickly if you try to fit every trend that comes along. Not that you shouldn’t entirely stay away from trendy outfits, but only that you should spend rationally. Just like you get great paper ideas from Topics Base, so should you search great fashion ideas from fashion sites.  There is no shortage of ideas on how to improvise on trends. 

Spend For Multiple Occasions 

You will occasionally or often have that pressure to dress for the occasion (depending on your social circles). Dates and Friday night outs bring on the highest pressure. But again, yielding to this pressure will break your wallet. Pick a few dressier pieces that you can rotate for a fresh look at different times. No one will notice that you have worn that piece for the third time if you pull this off in the right way.

Fall Back on the Classics 

Go for a great mix of classic fabrics, colors, and patterns. There are fashion icons that never go out of fashion. You are lucky if you are a guy. You can survive forever on gray and black tees, blue and black jeans, white sneakers and a good pair of boots. For the occasional semi-formal event, a dark navy blazer with a white button-down shirt always looks smart. 

Get fashion Advise 

Do not shy away from asking for fashion advice. If sometimes you have to pay someone to write your essay, getting help on fashion also works great. Is there a dapper guy or glam girl who is always turning heads? Ask her/his opinion on an outfit you would like to try. 

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Learn Shopping Tricks 

Hunt for fashion coupons if you have the time. Take advantage of student discounts where they are available. Go for relatively unknown brands. Look out for clearance sales and grab classic pieces.  It will surprise you to find that smart shopping can reduce that top or pant you desire by as much as half.  

Learn to Accessorize 

Nothing says cool and sophisticated than proper accessorizing. Take a break from searching for your online homework answers and look at a few fashion stars. How do their metallic accessories color coordinate with their outfits? Which accessory is proper for a casual outfit and which works well with a smart casual outfit? A gold color strap watch, for example, is an accessory for any outfit.  

Source: Pexels

Keep Experimenting 

You never know how you would look in a tailored suit until you try it. Do away with boundaries when it comes to fashion. Do you think pink is too feminine for a guy? Try on a smart pink button-down shirt with a dark suit. Take pics in different outfits and post them on your social media handles. The feedback will tell you what works well for you. 

You don’t have to spend loads to look fashionable and feel comfy in college. A spirit of fashion adventure, relying on classics, and constant experimentation will keep you looking cool and comfy at all times.