So a handful of Bombshells sent in pictures of the men in their lives who could benefit from a hot Parish Nation Makeover!
Take a look and let us know: Who needs new gear the most?
First we have Kimberly Ashley’s man:

Kimberly Ashley

She says, “He thought the fedora made it edgy. The socks had me speechless. *sigh*
Janasia says, “As much as my boo makes me happy…


“…I don’t understand why he thinks it’s OK to go out like this…lol!”
Looks like Tahon just snapped this quick pic of her man with her phone:


Domio, who sent us an e-mail with the subject, “Please Re-Vamp My Honey” says, ” He doesn’t know I am entering him, but he swears he has “mad” style.  ;-)“:


And lastly Sarah says, “I’ve been with my boyfriend Serge for about 4 years now (since high school), and now as college seniors his style hasn’t changed much…



“… His style consists of baggy t-shirts, polos and button-ups worn with baggy jeans as you can see in the pictures. Lord knows I’ve been trying to introduce him to new clothing by looking online or trying to go shopping, but to no avail. Please pick my boyfriend!”
Aw, how cute!

Leave a comment and let us know who should get the Parish Nation Makeover .
We’ll announce the winner on Monday!

And can I say how hilarious  you guys are? You literally had me rolling this morning.
But enough! Leave a comment, then enjoy amazing, splendiferous weekends!