I’m probably dating myself by professing my love for this throwback jammer, but ah well…


A few questions/observations:

1. Who knew LL was such a label name dropper? Check out these lyrics:

“How you doin miss? My name is L I’m from Queens/ I heard about your man he like to lace you with cream/Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino with Donna Jeans/ But he slipped up, and threw his rock to a fiend.

“He be playin like a Willie cause he dress ya dove/ Never knowing that his woman is in need of love/You got Versace gold link stomach chains with rocks/Official hair style but you stuck up in the spot.

“Making love, Duke is weak then he fallin asleep/You on the phone wit your old peeps dyin to creep ‘tween my sheets/So what you got Chanel on your feet/Hot sex on a platter makes the mission complete, uh

Ok that was the whole first verse, and he names no less than five designers!
2.If it weren’t for rappers in the 90’s, would we know about these European designer brands? C’mon, be honest.

3. Does anyone else remember when LL tried to start that ‘one leg up one leg down‘  pants trend?

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