Happy Friday Eve! Every Thursday, we highlight the style evolution of a celebrity whose looks has been known to capture the attention the industry. Today, we are honoring Solange Knowles and her style evolution throughout the 2000s:

Early in her career, Solange’s style can be described as an newcomer to the indie-meets-diva aesthetic that she still follows today! Her early style made her one to truly watch.

During the 2010s, we see Solange began to experiment more with bold prints and styles, giving us a high fashion meets Boho-chic Black girl vibe! She starts to explore the “unconventional” more with her style to reflect the direction of her music.

Nowadays, we see Solange as quite the visionary when it comes to her style! It can best be described as eccentric and still quite experimental as she plays around with vibrant colors and unique silhouettes matched with independent designer names.

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