I remember exactly where I was the first time I heard “Just Dance” blazing from the speakers. It was in a nightclub in Toronto, Canada, where the song had been number one on the charts for weeks. And since then, I, along with many other Little Monsters all over the world, have been hooked. Lady Gaga’s contribution to music has been nothing short of successful, with more than 27 million albums sold since 2008 and sold out tours with tons of adoring fans jumping in the audience.

Let’s not forget that Gaga’s art not only lives through her music and her performances, but through her style and affinity for fashion.

In the early days, Gaga’s interpretation of what a pop-star should be bled through what she wore. Blonde wigs and costumes festooned with bubbles, sculptured shoulders, and three dimensional, geometric figures were her go to’s. She never stepped outside without wearing something to leave onlookers in awe. Not to mention, she inspired many a Halloween costume during her Fame era.
tbt-lady-gaga-66 tbt-lady-gaga-67

Red carpets came to life when Gaga appeared. From an astronomical, galactic inspired Armani dress at the Grammy’s to a laser cut, metallic leather Atelier Versace jacket to last year’s Met Gala, to her iconic meat dress at the 2010 MTV VMA’s, not a moment goes by without her leaving onlookers either loving it, or scratching their heads. Given how much praise she’s received from the CFDA for her fashion risks, we’d say, so far, so good.tbt-lady-gaga-36tbt-lady-gaga-7

tbt-lady-gaga-12 tbt-lady-gaga-3As for airport style, well, let’s say Gaga definitely prefers fashion over functionality. Sky high boots, headdresses and elaborate costumes are no deterrent for her when it comes to getting through TSA.tbt-lady-gaga-59

tbt-lady-gaga-42These days, post American Horror Story and 6th album Joanne, Lady Gaga is showcasing more of her demure side, relying on the creations of friend, Brandon Maxwell, to enhance her femininity and glamorous side. Strapless dresses in white or black without the bells and whistles definitely delineates a more mature Gaga, which resonates through her latest album.tbt-lady-gaga-60

tbt-lady-gaga-33And when she’s not all dolled up, this go ’round, she prefers a good rocker tee and denim shorts. But we’re not fooled. We may not know what to expect from her Superbowl Halftime performance this year, but we’re sure she’s going to pull out all the stops.

So many accomplishments for one of the greatest entertainers to ever walk the planet, and just as many fantastic style moments too. So, here’s to Lady Gaga; a woman unafraid to be herself, a woman who stands her ground and fights for what is right, and a true style savant.

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